As I approached my new "guests" quarters I was over taken by a scent , I had smelled it before and it wasn't totally was the smell of the incense that crazy old man used in his cabin aboard the Morning Glory. Great , that cinched it for me she was a no good magistrix who not only apparently had contact with dark powers had access to top secret military technology. This is gonna be a fun conversation.  I knocked on her door , rather gentlemanly I thought since my instinct was to throw her overboard right now.

  "Come in Captain" ..I was still on the passage side of the door and she knew it was me "Lovely" I thought to myself "She can sense my presence, wonder what else she can do" I opened the door and stepped inside to a strange sight as any I had seen before. My guest was nude and apparently in the middle of changing and just elected to stop as I approached the door.The actual shocking thing was however it appeared her legs were mechanical , polished brass and silver very well built to mimic human limbs in form and apparent function. "My dear captain , please feel free to examine me to your hearts content ." She displayed no modesty at all as she approached me. "I can't believe this shocks you."  "It doesn't" I stated though in truth , she was quite captivating in an alien and mysterious way. Her scent was now different and it carried notes of....."THAT'S IT !" I exclaimed loudly actually taking her slightly aback.I stepped backwards and bared my teeth in an actual primeval display growling deep I managed to speak  "YOU, smell like HIM ..that lunatic that almost got me eaten alive in the jungle.!"    "I beg your pardon?" she asked actually taken aback , her hand placed over her heart to add dramatic flair to her question."I know who you are speaking of and in truth, he was a lunatic, such men never handle real power well. " She reached out to me slowly and gently grasped my forearm "Come , please sit with me and as I promised I will explain all.

   Against my better judgement I sat down with her like civilized human ...there's a funny thought since neither of us really were and she spoke. "I am and am not like him . I was born into the world of shadow and secret , I was never of this world. My mother was a human woman who my father decided was worthy of his ""attentions". She was a serving girl who knew nothing of the true nature of her masters family or business. She, I say she as I honestly have never heard her name"( This actually seemed to cause the appearance of genuine sadness on her face. )" was given certain elixirs and potions that  corrupted her mind and body add to that her being used in certain  rituals,and viola my creation. I am truly partly of the creatures whose scent you detect and yet I have intellect and intelligence as well as my mother compassion. This is what I hid from my father . I have a conscience. I know you are here about your medics lower life forms..normally I would siphon off the life force of vermin such as rats or mice but my congratulations to you, your ship is very well vermin free. I sought out the most available forms next in line. I reached out and drew the life forces into me.And yes I eat regular food but it lacks a certain spice I by virtue of my condition crave. Don't worry I can sustain myself from their consumption for several more days. However, I can see how this revelation might disturb you So I offer my solemn oath I shall not feed from your crew. 

   While this actually did explain the dead creatures in the sick bay I still felt uneasy. "I respect that you have apparently been forthright so far but how does something born in darkness decide to escape to the light of day." I was genuinely curious as I didn't sense any hostility from her just mystery ..not that that's any better but anyway.

    "I have been able to hide my conscience from my "father" so far but I could no longer tolerate the ideals he represents. Make no mistake he is a true monster , his heart long ago worm eaten and twisted into a thing of chaotic nightmarish evil. He showed me the plans for the future, plots that are still being woven and we are already entangled in its threads."  Just then she twinged slightly, please forgive me, might I call you Lachlan now? since our little chat I feel we have grown closer But my dear Lachlan I could actually use your help for a moment , these legs are wearisome after a time and I really need to get to the bed. I thought to myself at this point in for a penny in for a pound , so, I stood up and offered her my arm to help her up. As she latched her arms around mine and I began to pull her up I heard a strange sucking "pop" sound and her tentacles...YES, I said tentacles, came into view as they pulled out from their metal leg shells. Her lower body was that of a black skinned octopus! they writhed independently of each other wrapping around my torso. I confess to panicking for a second till I realized she was just making sure she didn't fall to the floor.She was now eye to eye with me her body literally wrapped around mine as her arms draped casually over my shoulders , "Do be a dear and carry me to the bed."I carried her to the bed and she slowly released me from her grasping tendrils and half slipped half flopped into the bed.

    There was a knock at the door ..."That will be your half breed first officer "she stated matter of factually.  "Half breed ?" my dear Lachlan , I see her as she ,is wolf and fairy, a truly interesting if not unlikely demonstration that love or at least lust knows no bounds." I couldn't really argue so I opened the door. Rollie walked in and stopped short as she saw our guest on the bed..."Um , Captain, she's um...I knew she smelled different but um..."

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