Understand Your College Application Essay Topic

It is very important to, first of all, understand the topic before you can think of the contents to put across in your application essay. There are a number of topics that colleges have agreed upon for candidates to focus on when applying for changes in the various institutions of higher learning. It is important the topic if you don’t want to lose your chance to be picked.

You may be asked to evaluate a significant experience, an achievement or a risk that you had to go through, or a dilemma that you encountered which changed your perceptions of things significantly. With this kind of a topic, what you choose to write about matters a lot. You must clearly explain the impact that it left in your life, how did it affect the way you view things? It doesn’t have to be an earthshattering experience though; in fact, a small encounter which seems insignificant can be the best option to work with. When you focus on the thing that you alone experienced, you are guaranteed that you will write an original essay. The admission officers will easily see the creativity that is in you and your willingness to see the bigger picture. There is a way that a small experience can point to how little steps can lead to something big. If you are writing on how well you performed in a music competition, the admission officers will be keen to see the things you had to go through in order to achieve the prize. Mention the rigors of practice, the instructions that you got from your teacher and how your knowledge of music impacted you.

When you are required to discuss an issue of concern either personally, nationally or internationally, then you will have to approach it critically. The officers evaluating you would like to know the significance such an encounter had in your life. You should not rush to write on this topic unless maybe this issue has had a profound effect in your life at a personal level. This is because you can be easily drawn from your task as you tend to reveal something about you. Another issue with this kind of topic is the fact that you can easily get alienated from your reader; you are not sure who is going to read your essay, whether it is a youthful person or a person in their late 70s, republican or a democrat. You need to be careful, dismissing or harshly critiquing the other side as you present your case, as this may have a negative impact on how your essay will be marked. If you decide to pick this topic, then you should avoid the potential problems. Talk about your knowledge and understanding of the issue making sure your focus in highly personal.

Writing a college application essay is a high stake assignment; your objective is on getting that chance to study in your dream college, if you feel this kind of writing is a mountainous task, then you can order for your college application essay from "writing an essay" company. So if lack time and knowledge, do not shy out and rely on professionals who can help you to score high.

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Comment by Prof Xavier Pendennis on October 8, 2018 at 8:20pm

Or you could do as I did, Just Wing It ! ................Just kidding Anna, this was a totally comprehensive and informative piece which I am positive it is of benefit to all those who are presented with such challenges and faced with this sort of dilemma.  Thanks for sharing this with us. 

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