Spoilers are in your future!

no seriously... if you're not caught up, DON'T READ THIS!

Where the heck is Pinocchio? Seriously, we all know he's alive and able to move again, how is he going to tie back into the series? I have this feeling he's like Tuxedo Mask from Sailor moon and pops in when Emma needs to do something she really doesn't want to do or can't do without help. Either that, or our dear Pinny(aww I like that nickname) has gone his separate way to live life like he's used to living: women, booze, gambling, writing mysterious stories that end up in Emma's hands, and tearing apart Emma's family to "protect" her (why didn't they get together again?).

Watching the previews from last week, I am 99.95% sure that we will meet run into Neil (Henry's father) who just may happen to be Baelfire (Rump's son) who just may happen to be Peter Pan. Whoa! Mind blown! Well wouldn't that be a nice way to round out the show. Of course there's the whole problem of the inability to age in Neverland and the getting from the big N to our realm could also pose problems. The whole PP theory feels a bit far-fetched to me, but OUAT has a hobbit habit of twisting the tales in surprising ways. (Jack the giant slayer is a FEMALE what?!)

If Neil is, in fact, Baelfire things are going to get very complicated and interesting. How is Henry going to react when he finds out that Emma lied to him about his father? And for that matter how is Emma going to react when she finds out that Neil is Rump's son? and how is Rump going to react with the "surprise, you're a granddaddy!" revelation? Oh man, I love this show.

Back to the town now we still have some serious ongoing problems: 1. Regina and Cora are on the loose (oh fun... more evil Regina unable to tame her flaming desires) 2. David and Snow both want different things in their relationship 3. The town's people all want back to their realm. Ooo that one is a doozy and everything (as always) is connected to each other. With this latest episode we were re-introduced Tiny - a not-so-giant giant - and the last bean able to produce a bean-stalk. It's a good thing there just so happens to be farm land in the town's limits. The dwarves add to his ranks with the whistle we all know an love to help him farm the land and make some magic beans all while swearing to protect them with their lives (omen). I believe, however, that magic beans will require magic land to grow on. With this in mind, it's plausible to assume that Cora or Regina will have a bit of fairy dust lying around somewhere to use as ransom for the beans that they will ultimately try to control.

I could go farther into my OUAT conspiracy theories however, i'd rather hear some of yours. Send me some feedback guys and gals, sprockets and robots, what's your craziest OUAT theory?

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