Year: 1903

Location: Regected Gear Basement

Date: July 18th


     Felix entered the test room of the basement. "Time to test this while its on my mind." He approached a metal arch. It was lined with hedron shaped crytals. "Lets hope these work." He donned his goggles. The lights flickred seconds after he flipped the switch. The faint glow began to form in the center of the arch. He crossed his arms and thought to himself, more power. He flipped a few more switches as the lights start to grow dim and blue cloud begins to grow.


     After a few moments, and the lights growing dimmer the blue cloud fills the arch. With a flash of blinding light a silhouette of a man lands on the floor and all the crytals shatter. "You alright?" Felix said as he went to check on the man.

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