Welcome to the Black Rose Herbal and Occult Store!

So the more potions I make for the whole persona the more I think about what type of shop Lady Rayna owns.   So far it's turned out to be quite a little shop where you can get almost everything imaginable, in store or by special order.



The Black Rose Herbal and Occult Store.


Welcome one and all to my shop, please feel free to browse around and do not be afraid to ask questions.    There are two sections to the store.  On the left is your basic herbal remedies, you know the usual camomile tea and green tea and the lavender shampoo, soap, and oils for your every day stuff.   You may also find a potion or two just for something as simple as a fever that will not come down or a illness that needs healing.   If you need something more specific or stronger just ask and I'll whip it up for you in about an hour or two.


Now if you dare to adventure into the Occult portion you will find the love potions, the memory potions the compel me nots, a few time travel (if you dare) and other things for your adventure or magical needs.   As always please do not go into the back, that is off limits and if you wish to have anything ordered special let me know.  I can get it done and ready to be shipped to you in a week depending on the schedule of the air ships.



I'm still working on the whole wording of the spiel but that is the start of it.....I can do it better off the top of my head when I'm asked about certain potions I carry on my belt.   Writing it seems to be a lot harder than making the description of Victania.

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