Most people use this space to write cool individual stories, which I intend to attempt sometime (hopefully) in the near future. However I wanted to take this particular blog post to discuss the definition of steampunk. Have you ever noticed that in the about section of a steampunk site, or on Wikipedia, or... well fuck everywhere, that every time you read it it seems strangely hollow and superficial? 

Even if I can convey what steampunk is to someone I catch myself describing it ways that don't truly convey the emotion I feel behind it. 

Some of my favorite bloggers rip on steampunk. They see it as just a fashion statement, or a movement of people motivated by an insular culture. Sometimes it is hard to be a steampunk in a world that looks at you and goes "Hey why you Ackin' so cray-cray?" In a world where informality, laziness, and apathy are widespread and widely accepted here we are clearly caring, choosing to go back to a time where even the smallest things held meaning, a time of formality.

Well no that isn't entirely right we're taking what we like from the Victorian culture while understanding that it is in fact flawed and exaggerating the qualities of what we do desire from that culture.

When I think of steampunk I don't just think of corsets and character names, I don't just think of gears and cogs, I don't even think of art, movies, or music anymore. Because I've realized that that's the STUFF of steampunk, and don't get me wrong the stuff is great but that isn't truly what it is. You can look up steampunk 100x on the internet and never discover what it is. Because it's the creative spirit, the drive, and the ingenuity behind the people and the idea. It's about longing for another time, about past and future, about practicality and whimsy, about technology,and the human spirit all tied in a fantastic bow.

When I'm out and about you probably wouldn't guess I enjoyed steampunk, I don't wear goggles, I don't wear corsets, and I don't wear long skirts. Despite all that I am steampunk every day because I choose to (or try to because maybe being steampunk doesn't completely exempt me from being lazy) live my life in accordance to the steampunk spirit.

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Comment by Clay Davis on July 24, 2019 at 8:44am

Steampunk: Where steam power and adventure meet.

Comment by CPT Edward Leviticus H. on March 30, 2013 at 4:10am
When I first heard the title steampunk, I thought it was an anime series. For me steampunk allows me to bring my creativity, fantasy, interest in historical cultures, fascination with the science fiction, and bring it into an ever growing present.

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