Year: 1903

Location: Rejected Gear Tavern

Date: October 9

Time: 0300

     Felix sat in the empty bar, Brielle was fast asleep in their room. He was recollecting the past couple days as he carefully pulled bloody bandages off of his body. 

     He was in the German Alps this time, in a small town cut off from most of the worlds trouble. He was just passing through and was going to get Brielle a nice winter coat on top of a rare Russian rose he found for her. It sheer blue color unlike any other. He had it safely tucked away in a blast cylinder in his pack. A familiar voice rang out from the corner of the bar, "Captain Felix James Bellicose, or should I say Alexander?" 

     "If it isn't Cynthia Darkrose, If that is even your real name," he said with a bit of venom. "What are you doing here and what do you want with me?" He sipped his drink. "I know she could find you for me," Felix choked on his drink as he felt the air turn ice cold.

    "I'm sorry," Cynthia said in a weak voice. "Tura Lu, why are you here?" "To kill you of course," there was a loud scream as Cynthia went flying through the window of the bar, "You have been a thorn in my side lately, killing my men and interfering with plans while I was away."

     "You monster," Felix threw his drink ad drew his gun. "You have a lot to learn Felix but It looks like I've found a weak spot. This little misfit you hold dear," Tura lu laughed maniacally as he approached Cynthia. 

     Felix moved like the wind, his eyes glowing. He cut Tura Lu's hand before it touched Cynthia. "You don't hurt the ones I love," Felix yelled as he struck. Crushing the blade in his hand, Tura Lu smirked, "Silly Felix that was all I needed." Felix felt everything go black as he felt a blade in his gut. 

     "You are pretty damn resilient, you know that right?" Cynthia said as she poured him some tea. "What the hell do you want?" He took a swig of his flask. "I wanted to see you again and he said he would give me the money. That's not too important though, you still love me? What was that about? I thought it was just me," she looked with hopeful eyes. "A part of me does. And even though I still do it doesn't mean I trust you," he started gathering his things. "I see," her melancholic tone soul crushing. "You left me Cynthia. You know I don't trust people," grabbing his pack, "Maybe in another universe and another life, but not anytime soon." He shut the door and headed out to the cold.

       Felix finished his flask as he wrapped the last part of the bandage. "I hope Brielle likes this," he slid the rose under the counter and headed for the basement.

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