I'll be honest. I'm not a writer by profession. I just want someone to hear this story; my story…our story. It's difficult to know where to begin. In the first place, I could bore you with the details of Nef's birth. In the second, I could put you to sleep a lot quicker with the story of my birth. 

          This story that I am about to tell you is not a message of complaint. I complain a lot, especially in the beginning but honestly, if it were not for the trouble that Nef had caused me, I would have been executed at the palace. I guess the reason why I'm writing this, is for a few of the following reasons: 

        one: So that everyone will know the truth not only about what really happened, but about what their princess accomplished. This brings me to the next reason, 

        two: So that all may hear of who this spoiled palace brat turned out to be in the end. Her TRUE identity is revealed in this tale. 

       three: So that I can share the lessons that I have learned. 

     I don't know who and how many will read this but I guess that's life. The last resort is always hope or faith, like when Hagar cried out to Allah for her son's survival or when the Israelites followed Moses out of Egypt. That's what I feel. I feel that last stretch of hope. 

                        My name is Nuhad and this is my…our story. 

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