Write My Essay 4 Me Tips for Personal Statement

The personal statement is very important for any university application. It highlights who you are before the admission officers. It should, therefore, spell out the uniqueness in you. Getting an outstanding statement is challenging given that not everyone enjoys writing. Besides, it is a very different experience when you are faced with your own essay to write, telling people about who you are and convincing them that you are the best for the admission. Some of the following tips will help you come up with a good statement;

Who are you?

The first thing is just to write everything you would wish them to know about yourself. Normally there is character count that you are expected to obey. Putting you under a lot of tension as you will be typing as you want to keep the count. This may lead you to miss out some important aspects. Just write, and after finishing, you are likely to realize that you have had way more characters than what you were expected. It is now time to compress the work by deleting the unnecessary statements and words and combining others. At the end of it, you will realize that you have attained the number of characters, but with all the information.

Do not forget that this is a rare chance you are seeking and you do not want to miss it. Therefore, take your time. You can write it for as many days as you stick to the college’s deadline. Start writing it early because a paper written within hours is likely to be of poor quality. There is no need for a rush.

Concentrate on your strengths as you are writing. Let them know what you have experienced, whether bad or good. Ensure you tell them how you dealt with the bad experience. Convince them that you have basic knowledge of that particular course which you want to pursue. Every college wants someone who will represent them well in the outside world after they are done with learning. Assure them that you are the person who will advertise the name of the institution through character and achievements. Tell them your plans.

Voice Your Own Perception

You should have your own opinions. This means that you should not read any statements before you start writing. Write first then you can compare what you have with another. This will help you note the concepts you have left out as you avoid false starts. Remember you can never be another person and the person can never be you. Be original.

Be Honest

Honesty is very important.  Lying may make it difficult to get admission. For example, if you lie that you speak French and it happens that the day you meet the panel, there is a French man or lady, they may ask you a question in that language. It would be very embarrassing if you cannot respond.


The last but very important thing is proofreading your work. Make your work presentable.

For the students who may not get time to write their personal statements, they can place their orders at any writing site and get professionals to do it for them. All they need to do is place a write my essay 4 me order and get it done.

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