I have been polishing the Dirigible Pirates and preparing for epublishing.  The Pirates were originally published in episodic fashion in the 1980's through 1990's - being an early take on steampunk in a newsletter called The Agricultural and Mechanical Gazette.  I've corrected bits of inaccuracy here and there as well as throwing in bits of gratuitous sex.

     Tales from the Black Hart is also progressing well - somewhere north of 35,000 words without an end in sight.    A sample is included in one of my blogs in case you are curious. 

    Finally: working on a textbook on process simulation for manufacturing processes - a very different task than writing fiction given the large number of screen captures to illustrate concepts. 

     I'm trying to determine whether folks are more oriented to Kindle format or Nook format for epublications.  Let me know your thoughts.

     Finally, to talk of pipes.  In the 1970's I had a great Peterson system pipe that lasted 20 years before cracking one -40 degree Minnesota morning.  Since then the quality of replacement pipes has been spotty, but I took a leap and bought one of the Peterson 2014 Christmas Pipes.  This is just an amazing pipe, the briar is properly cured, the holes are "mostly" drilled in the right places and it is a very comfortable size, even though I generally prefer a larger bowl.

     All for now


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