Hello folks,

By now you're all aware of my official YouTube channel:


I'm always looking out for content from viewers, like user created levels for Super Mario maker, Minecraft, and LittlebigPlanet 3, but WAY more than that, I need people to ask questions so The Scarlet Derby can answer them in "The Scarlet Derby Says" segments.

The standard method of contacting The Scarlet Derby is either through my e-mail address thescarletderby-at-gmail-dot-com, or via twittter @thescarletderby.

With the permission of Lady Brielle Serra, I have also opened up this forum thread. If anyone wants to ask a question or make a statement of any kind that will be considered for The Scarlet Derby YouTube channel, you can leave a reply to this thread.

You can ask anything, but keep in mind, this is intended to be an all ages channel, so be at least kid-friendly if you hope to have your message responded to on YouTube.

Thanks for all your support! Tah-tah then!

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