This is just for the sake of day-dreaming (probably), but if money and job was not an issue what would your dream home be?

Here is one to get the ball rolling:

Image result for walker's cay

Walker's Cay off the east coast of Florida and apparently for sale for only $14mill.

Maybe an old missile silo mansion:

A cavern:

A lighthouse?

Minneapolis Shoal Light

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I would call it Steampunk Isle.

Image result for walker's cay

Apparently the actual resort hotel is just a slab now due to hurricane damage.  I wonder if a castle-like, hurricane-resistant building could be built there.  Maybe something like:

Shutters?  What about aluminum shutters for hurricanes?  Hangars?  A floating boat house? 

Maybe a remote Alaska lodge near Glacier Bay:

Image result for alaska bear track innImage result for alaska bear track innImage result for alaska bear track inn

I have found that I really enjoy these airy A-frame designs (if they face south).

400 Henry St, Ravenswood, WV 26164

6,000 sq/ft old Lutheran Church in western WV (near at least two sternwheeler festivals).  Some serious potential.  The brick Victorian next door is nice too (old rectory?)

107 Henry St, Ravenswood, WV 26164  WOW.  Beautiful.

590 Evans Grove Dr, Evans, WV 25241

In case you want to make a call while watching TV in your shower/bath/sauna before going back to your 2,000 sq/ft bedroom:

590 Evans Grove Dr, Evans, WV 25241  Obviously a million goes farther in WV.

597 Alexes Ln, Ripley, WV 25271



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