I think there should be a discussion here for this.  It's all fair game.  I'm going to start it off with something way out in left field.

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Good catch regardless. 

This sultana appears to be a sternwheeler. The real sultana was a sidewheeler

      OK, I've mentioned before that I like spaghetti westerns, and that some of them contain elements that might be considered to be steampunk.  In fact, I've been thinking of typing up what I'd call an introduction to spaghetti westerns for steampunks, but that's still something for another day.

      So right now, I'm watching a film called "The Dirty Outlaws".  It's a spaghetti western with English dubbing, but I have to wonder if the translator(s) were British.  As the film begins, a man is about to be lynched.  Another man who looks to be a preacher rides up, and asks the mob what the man has done, and one of them replies: "He pinched a horse!"  That made me laugh, for even though I realize "pinched" was being used in the British sense of "stole", my first thought was: "What?  Do you mean he's some kind of animal abuser, or beastiality pervert?"     Heh.

       Well, not exactly a Western, although there is at least one Western themed episode, I'm watching "The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne" for the third time.  This time around I noticed something odd, and familiar, about the revolver used by the character of Phileas Fogg (played by Michael Praed).  It looked an awful lot like a LeMat.  It turns out that it IS a LeMat, as confirmed by the Internet Movie Firearms Database.

      Anyone else remember the show "Wild West Tech" that aired on the old History Channel?  I was reminded of it recently, and decided to see if there were any episodes available online.  Low and behold, I found one of the first episodes :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Kxo2d1mRGc

      I still find it astounding how much information was packed into these 45 minute programs.  OK, I take issue with a couple of points in this episode, but most of it is correct.   (I do know something of which I speak, seeing as how I spent 5 + days a week for around seven months in a moderately sized university library reading up on these sorts of historical topics. [And books about steam locomotives, Wilhelm Reich, airships, Babbage and Lovelace, and other steampunkish items as well, but those are other stories.])  If nothing else, there are plenty of handguns (aside from the cap and ball revolvers) that are NOT Colt 1873s in this episode.  A number of S&W model 3s (or maybe Schofields) are visible, and even a couple of Remingtons.

      Now to see how many more episodes I can find.  And anyone reading this might wish to do the same.

      Well, I've found one other episode :  https://ok.ru/video/1083356809775

      And there does not seem to be anything like an official DVD release of this series.  Only single overpriced episodes that are probably bootlegs recorded off TV.   Too bad for us.


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