This is a DieselPunk-ish topic. 

Our local CAP squadron is planning a big awards ceremony banquet on Saturday May 12th.  For information on CAP check out 

 The driving events are: 

1) we have a member receiving her "50 Year Membership" award (no more dues for her)

2) we are formally naming the Hangar after a still active WW II veteran member who helped build the Hangar (the above member is not the oldest in the squadron)

3) our squadron has been designated the Squadron of Merit (new streamer for out flag)

4) about a half dozen promotions and dozens of awards to present

The WW II Hangar dance theme was not my idea and I was a bit surprised by it.  One of our new, active members turned out to be a WW II reenactor before he moved to Juneau. 

A very civically active veteran/business man who owns Randy's Rib Shack has offered to fix either a LOT of ribs or a whole pig at cost.  We are polling members at this time. 

Although Alaska has a lot of old warbirds, Juneau does not.  :-(  We will invite all of the DC-3 and bird dog owners we can find.  We probably will have one or more of the new (fugly) GA-8s to show off. 

We have not found a "big" band or swing band yet but probably will.

CAP members have uniforms already but a few vintage vehicle owners seem to have WW II uniforms that they are anxious to show off.

A State legislative member has already expressed great interest in attended and coercing other representatives into attending along with media since it is near the end of the session. 

I'll probably be doing grill duty fixing other foods.  I am the adult in charge of the teenage cadets (DCC) and this will give parents the opportunity to easily find me and socialize, as they have requested. 

Constructive suggestions? 

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So far we have two possible swing bands in Juneau to ask for music. 


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