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THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT~ So, as you all know, I stream on every Monday and Wednesday from 7 -11 MST. I have been streaming since the beginning of this year and I'm VERY close to receiving twitch affiliate status. My last goal is to average 3 viewers within 30 days of streaming. I'd like to begin doing free giveaways on my stream, and do some other great things associated with twitch Affiliates, but I NEED you to tune in and view. Please register for an account at, log in, come into the room at the designated time, and watch for at least 2 of the 4 hours I'm live. You don't have to watch the whole thing, just tune in, visit the site and lurk with the volume low (Do not mute.) Once I'm able to reach this next step, I'll be in a position to better use twitch to fulfill my goals, promote my creative work and the local businesses/other streams I'm associated with. So, please tune in.

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