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So print this up and take it with you, and whenever
you are angry or sad, look at the cute kittens in a barrel.
Philip is the one on the left.
Relax....stay calm....look at the kittens...they love and care
about you. Just you. No one else.
(Please don’t staple to your forehead, though...or anywhere
else on your body for that matter.)

Move over Philip, I think this kitten has you beat when it comes to the aww factor!

Can a heart that has been broken, shattered so completely, ever mend?  :'(

Only if you are willing to mend it.

it can.  it will.

heartbreak is like a road.  if you stand in the middle unmoving, all you will see is the darkness around you and you will surely never reach the destination at the other end.

for every step forward you take, that much of the road is behind you. 

dont look back

It seems far easier to give love, than it is to receive/accept it back.

for some Im sure thats all too true.  Ive known many folk who, even as simple as a compliment...just cannot accept it.  rather than even just a gracious 'thank you', they immediately go to great lengths to tell you how they dont deserve it or "oh, it was nothing...I just...."

Its not a 'fault' really, just prior conditioning from events in their past I believe.

love is often the same.  many believe or have convinced themselves they dont deserve it and therefore cannot accept it.  theyre sure at the onset its either false, a mistake, flattery or even a con.   sadly, its often because at some point, it was one or more of those things.


The truth of it?
The birth part you have no say in.
The death part, well, you can choose, or just wait for the physical inevitability of it.
It’s that in-between part that is so complicated.
Choices, life is all about choices, and the outcome/consequences of them....
and just what one is willing to deal with.

Guess wishing on airplanes by mistake doesn't count *sigh* :( 

I could not have said it better.

Love it, very sweet


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