... it's actually historical. Check this out:

It's a Minneapolis Protector Palm Pistol, patented in 1890! 

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Great pics of a good ole lemon squeezer.

I want one.

Basil: Quite ingenious.

Cyril: Awful small. . . . 

talk about being prepared

Basil: Indeed!

Cyril: My kind of weapon. 


These little pinfire revolvers are quite the collector's baby.  These violate so many modern laws that it would be difficult to manufacture even pinfire reproductions. 

      There are many items that look like steampunk devices, but were actually real.  One of them is the acoustic aircraft locator, which was used to find airplanes before the invention of RADAR.  There are several images of different sorts of these on the net.  My favorite is probably this one:

and with goggles:


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