This is a chance to put in your complaints of other social sites and discuss your issues with it and how you would like the site to run.

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I don't have many problems with the site. My biggest problem is how alex was thrown out with no answer to as why he was thrown out. 


Thats ultimately the whole reason why this place exists. But any and all problems would be appreciated, because I am looking to make a what not to do list.

Just don't pick favorites. promise?

I'll have my favorites and I'll have those who i don't get along with, but all members shall be treated just and fair and all matters will be looked at from all sides of the story.

This was the biggest thin I noticed on Empire.

First of all, thank you for starting this site.  I'm enjoying the functionality, aesthetic, and navigability immensely.  A small request, I would like a notification preference for either digest or no e-mail options.  Due to my work I get several hundred e-mails per day, and though I love all things Steampunk, it is overwhelming to see so many e-mail notices when signing in that "demand" my attention.

Thanks again for your efforts,

Xavier (aka Matthew)

I will look into where to find the ability to turn it off, it should be under settings in the box in the upper right hand corner. Underneath your profile name. 

Going under the setting is where to adjust what emails come to you from the site, just go to settings then click on the email tab and it lists all the email options.

Hope this helps

Thanks for this!

 I had overlooked the actual settings on the left, with the "e-mail" option.  Clicking on "e-mail" does indeed provide many options which will make things less overwhelming in my inbox.

Much appreciated!


Thanks for creating this place. I was kicked out for no speaking up about the bullies. It's pretty depressing to have a group of people take over and bully others. Glad to see everyone here to make a better place.

Sounds like the empire hasn't changed much. Glad to have you here!

Thank you! Can't wait to get involved.


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