Here, details involving the technology and society of the universe, ship schematics, and general knowledge will be kept for future reference.

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Magic, Steampunk Technology, and Space Travel are all melded into one world here.

Interstellar Flight is achieved through the melding of steam engines and magical cores, called Hearts, which mold space into a trough in which the speed of light is lessened substantially which allows ships to cross long distances. Ships can range from Frigates to small "sky yachts" which each have different levels of speed and firepower.

Guns are generally split into 2 categories: Projectile or Energy

Projectile guns are obvious, but can range from muskets to quadbarreled shotguns.

Energy Weapons fire forms of energy, such as plasma, electricity, or fire. These guns are more debatable and customizable to wavelengths and such, but usually cost more to produce than Projectile weaponry. 

Melee weapons can also be energy based, but usually are not due to cost reasons.

Weapons can be enchanted by a skilled magician which add special effects to a weapon. To own an enchanted weapon is a symbol of status or of kinship with a magician, as the process consumes much of their energy and each magician has their own enchantment style and type.

Magic is the manifestation of the magician's life energy, or Vitae. Vitae is only outwardly manipulatable by a select few, who usually become magicians. Magic is characterized by a colored aura which appears when ever Vitae is consumed. This color is dependent on the user.

Clothing and General Civilian Technology is of the standard Steampunk tradition, as is behaviors and mannerisms.


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