Any one is welcome in the tea room weather you be the esteemed or the ruffian. So long as you don't break my tea sets. Saturday's are free tea day. Come in and relax.

I am Captain Silver Steamaether  

As you can tell I am not your AVERAGE captain. I've had some.....Accidents over the years that caused me to be MAINLY comprised of brass. I am normally very forgiving (Maybe to a fault for a captain!) But~ I want you all to come in RESPECT ONE ANOTHER and have lots of fun~. You never know what may happen.

So, Tell me, what kind of tea you'd like and I'll try to deliver~ 

Have a drink. Relax.

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*Taps gently on a table with the backs of her white porcelain knuckles* Excuse me, but are you the Captain?

*spins away from Memsie having already got her order* ey, I am indeed, what can ey 'elp ya with M'lady?

I'm new to the city and was told this is a haven for automata. I was wondering if you needed any help running the place.

*she comes closer the gears whirring softly from under her heavy ship coat* Automata? Yer not human? *raises an eyebrow* I can't tell. then again, I see so much that isn't human ey might not be able to n-n-notice anyhow*she sighed hissing steam quietly* tis a haven if you need someplace. it could use a friendlier face than I on the regular. 

*politely opens the hinged door in her abdomen, revealing a complicated brassworks, then snaps it shut modestly* My exterior is painted porcelain. In the light, you can tell. *Sits down and adjusts an abundance of skirt* I understand most automata in the city are employed by foundries, but I'm afraid I'm too breakable for that kind of work. Most musical instruments are.


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