Any one is welcome in the tea room weather you be the esteemed or the ruffian. So long as you don't break my tea sets. Saturday's are free tea day. Come in and relax.

I am Captain Silver Steamaether  

As you can tell I am not your AVERAGE captain. I've had some.....Accidents over the years that caused me to be MAINLY comprised of brass. I am normally very forgiving (Maybe to a fault for a captain!) But~ I want you all to come in RESPECT ONE ANOTHER and have lots of fun~. You never know what may happen.

So, Tell me, what kind of tea you'd like and I'll try to deliver~ 

Have a drink. Relax.

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*comes in with a box cradled in her arms looking super excited her green eyes shining with delight* I have a new thing!

*Looking up from his paper* Oooh, may we be allowed to see?

why of course dear captain!*sets it down gently opening it. it's a tea set. with the most vivid colors. it seemed to shift in the light and never had a definite color*

*Looking it over *Its a lovely iridescence glaze. Very pretty indeed. I'm sure it cost you a tidy bit.

English breakfast please.....I know, really daring, but coming from a man in a mask nothing is ever your typical tea order. 

Absolutely*gives a polite bow* anything special in it you require? *puts on the water to boil selecting a fine batch of loose leaves in English breakfast hissing a bit of steam as she worked*

My lovely Captain Silver , might I trouble you for some of your delicious homemade cookies?

No, just...plain. Taken to too many cups of black coffee from when i lived in Manhatten. 

Go over and get one silly captain*set down Scarlet Derby's tea* what may I refer to you as?

*Feigning hurt and pain in his voice letting the melodrama out full steam *  Get up and get it myself ? * Pointing to himself *, My dear have you ...that is .. am I longer the wonderful love of your life ? Say it isn't so, that it has come to this I must ...get it myself.

Captain, if I may: It is better to remove all doubt of your worth to a lady instead of suggesting that you have no worth to her. 

I make any tea you could possibly want mi'lady *bows hissing steam softly* if a Lemon Earl Grey tea mix is what you wish, I may well make it for you* smiles* can I get you anything else?


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