Any one is welcome in the tea room weather you be the esteemed or the ruffian. So long as you don't break my tea sets. Saturday's are free tea day. Come in and relax.

I am Captain Silver Steamaether  

As you can tell I am not your AVERAGE captain. I've had some.....Accidents over the years that caused me to be MAINLY comprised of brass. I am normally very forgiving (Maybe to a fault for a captain!) But~ I want you all to come in RESPECT ONE ANOTHER and have lots of fun~. You never know what may happen.

So, Tell me, what kind of tea you'd like and I'll try to deliver~ 

Have a drink. Relax.

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*Is setting things up and polishing Silverware obviously bored out of her mind.*

the most exotic you have come across in your travels, ma'am

Aether's Tea? Why of Couse Mad'ame....*winks with bright green eyes* It similar is to what call one might Imperial Silver Needle White Tea. Close it is in flavor. But aroumatics. Different much it is.  *Smiles and starts preparing the tea*

Hup! *Snaps into a temporary Salute* Evening is good to you Captain, hopes I. * goes back to making Lizzie's Aether 's Tea*

Captain Silver Steamaether of the HMS Pocketwatch Seventh fastest ship in the fleet at YOUR service. as serving you am I. *She looked Automatonic...Not human at all*

*holds out both arms to show you her person* work all done here. Alex Garren my boiler she was. Woman of smart she was. stick me back together with parts of boiler did she. *nods.* for you sir, anything?

Earl Gray is it.  Lizzie's tea done it is. *starts on some Earl Gray* Understanding simple it makes into the tea. *nods* screw up hard it is on tea straight..

*pours you a cup* Here goes you good sir of mine.

I found something to help the new fans to our steampunk way as well a little fun for the old foggies.

It is quite early in the morning, 04:12 by my watch to be exact, I would like very much a nice cup of cubby wubby woom room tea with just 2 or 3 drops of milk and 1 spoon full of "can't believe it won't kill me over time" sugar.

Thank you dear, I haven't slept the night and the morning holds no sleep for me either. If  insomnia is going to get the better of me, I want to be good and comfortable.... delirium is often not a good ride for me.

Sorry m-m-my customers good! *bows apologetically* calls me w-war did. here and there I-I-I-I still go. *nods*

*Walking quietly in and finding a seat near the window.* Dear Silver, I would like an Earl grey tea with a hint of lemon, when you can*Pulls out a journal and begins to write in it.*


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