Any one is welcome in the tea room weather you be the esteemed or the ruffian. So long as you don't break my tea sets. Saturday's are free tea day. Come in and relax.

I am Captain Silver Steamaether  

As you can tell I am not your AVERAGE captain. I've had some.....Accidents over the years that caused me to be MAINLY comprised of brass. I am normally very forgiving (Maybe to a fault for a captain!) But~ I want you all to come in RESPECT ONE ANOTHER and have lots of fun~. You never know what may happen.

So, Tell me, what kind of tea you'd like and I'll try to deliver~ 

Have a drink. Relax.

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*comes in and dusts off one of the tables* oh, my poor shoppe*hisses steam*

How I've neglected you.* fires up the oil lamps and sets to cleaning the tables, floors, and windows. Opens the doors up wide to welcome anyone who wants to come in.*

*Walks in looking around the place* Glad to see you have re opened. Can I then assume you have brought back some more interesting exotic  flavors for us to sample?

*grins hissing steam through her teeth* y-y-y-you bet . *wipes off a table patting it* have a seat. Whatcha want?

would care for some help sir.

Well. how bout we start with a classic, Earl Grey with lemon and sugar .

Alright, I'll start on your Earl Grey. *starts making her way around behind the counter humming mechanically*

*comes to you with a smile* Have a seat anywhere, What can this ol' pirate getcha?

Orange cream rum Please sir 

eep I am so sorry I mean Mam  

Ma'am, Sir, Captain. I answer to all. No fears. *smiles* You know I serve more than just your average tea. Good eye.*starts working on both your orders. brings Joelle's drink sitting it in front of you* There you are dear.

Thank ya Captain. takes a sip of the drink. MMMMM that is os good nods head to Captain.


*takes a bow hissing steam through her teeth* My pleasure. I take great pride in me drinks. Weather it be Tea, Coffee, or something a might bit stronger. I always give ye the best I can.


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