Any one is welcome in the tea room weather you be the esteemed or the ruffian. So long as you don't break my tea sets. Saturday's are free tea day. Come in and relax.

I am Captain Silver Steamaether  

As you can tell I am not your AVERAGE captain. I've had some.....Accidents over the years that caused me to be MAINLY comprised of brass. I am normally very forgiving (Maybe to a fault for a captain!) But~ I want you all to come in RESPECT ONE ANOTHER and have lots of fun~. You never know what may happen.

So, Tell me, what kind of tea you'd like and I'll try to deliver~ 

Have a drink. Relax.

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*wanders in from the avenue, shaking the droplets from her umbrella* My, it seems so desolate here, as if there haven't been any guests in months...

*Unlocks the door to her quiet tea room and shakes her head* look at the state of this place*hisses steam from between brass teeth* It would take months to clean this up..*a smirk pulls at her mouth the gears winding the synthetic skin back to show an oddly charming grin. If I were Human.

*begins pulling tarps and dust covers off of furniture, simply piling it on top of the fireplace and with a nice hot blast of steam, catches it on fire illuminating the room quickly. She wandered around for a while cleaning with much much more rigor and precision than any living human. her coat tails kicked up behind her as she moved around, keeping the natural silhouette of a strong fierce leader. A Captain. She began to revve up the boilers and lit the oil lamps with a chuckle.*

Now then*she sighed sitting atop the counter space looking out at the empty and now clean tea room* Where in the blazes are my people?

-smoke seeps through a crack in the floorboards and drifts upwards in a wide column. Deep inside a spark ignites and quickly expands to a pillar of flame from which Octavius comes hurtling through. As he appears the smoke and flames vanish, however he continues through the air and lands upside down on a sofa with his duster coat wrapped around his head and shoulders. He slumps down and through the light of the fireplace his grubby unkempt face and long hair glistening with alcohol sweats comes into view. Octavius has returned from Hel-

*The Captain stares in awe* Octavius...THE OCTAVIUS! *She laughed steam escaping from between her teeth* My my! I wasn't expecting such a guest *Silver moved across the room offering a hand to help right you in your seat* 

-Octavius looks up warily extends a hand and looks up, his thick matted hair parts and his eyes are faintly glowing a firey amber- 

Silver? Wh-Where am I?

-He looks around the room rather skittishly-

Am I out of it? Am I out of the fire?

You're in my tea room...And I would assume so unless you decide to take a tumble into the hearth.* kneels in front of you* are you ok? You seem to be under quite a bit of duress*steam hissed lightly as she moved*

Vioara has a seat by a heavily curtained window, hinged joints creaking slightly from the damp weather, and observes the ongoing exchange with the quiet, reserved interest of a woman accustomed to being in other people's parlors. She removes the brown leather gloves from her hands which, like her face, are crafted from glazed white porcelain. During a lull, when she finds it most appropriate, she lifts one dainty finger. 

"Some darjeeling, please, Captain, if you have a moment. I'm in no hurry."

*throws open the curtains and waves out the dust Tsking quietly* what a Mess 've let zis place becoume. *begins dusting off tables and hissing steam quietly as the tea boilers behind the counter whistled softly as they came to a boil* ne'er 'ave I let me tea room becoume so filthy. *begins setting things up for a long day ahead of the captain* i do 'ope someone stoups in.. 'ate to 'ave cleaned for naught.

*walks into the room looking around, and takes the first empty seat i find nearest the door.* good afternoon.

what 'ave we heer? *comes around the countertop with a notebook and pencil steam hissing from between smiling teeth.* whut can ey get 'cha my love.

ill take the strongest tea you have. *barley looking up from the paper*

*chuckles the steam still hissing quietly* ye act like yer ordering whiskey. I can supply that too if yed prefer. if naught I have a deep lavender irish blend that is stout as a bow of a ship.*she laughed heartily*


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