The cloud glider has returned to its home dock. It's crew busies itself with the chores of setting up stalls and getting its wares on display for the public. These treasures range from silks and spices of the East to the jewels of the West. One particular member, the Captain of the Emerald, is tucked away in her cabin with her maps and private treasures. In her place, a large man of African decent stands shouting orders and keeping the crew in check. But do not worry, behind that large physique is a kind soul who would gladly lead anyone to the captains quarters if she is needed. 

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June 25


After a recent adventure out to the middle of no where, the Queens Emerald has docked once more. With the table and chairs set up, Lily is the first to take watch of the store. On the wooden table before her lay silks and trinkets of all kinds:

  • A pile of silk scarves
  • Two belly dancers outfits, one green and one red
  • Necklaces of every shape and size
  • Pocket watches
  • A basket filled with fine gems and seashells
  • Knives and spearheads from native countries

*strides past the tables, but takes a step back and gazes over the items on the table, taking particular interest in the knives*  Very nice blades you have here..

The girl looked up, smiling as she put on a friendly face. "Feel free to touch, Sir. See if one calls out to you."

*his gaze falls on a large dagger with a serrated spine* This one is nice. * his eyes glow red with heat and the blade begins to smoulder and warp, the blade twisting and turning and then settles into a rather demonic looking shank with a black blade and spikes jutting from the spin*   Ill take it *hands  over a leather pouch that jingles with gold coins*

Lily would watch, her interest now perked. Never before had she seen a show like the young man had just shown. She knew of Divines, but never saw a demonic one before. Pushing the chair back, she would stand to take the bag. "That's some party trick you got there." 

*Octavius hangs his head and gives a smirk* Its somethin' alright, but it aint no trick. *He steps back and steadies himself* Watch this.. *he rolls his shoulds and during the motion his skin erupts in flame briefly, his eyes become burning coals and his hair like smouldering twigs. He turns from human, to blazing to human within seconds*  

Its no trick...its a curse. *he the perks up*

but ive learned to live with it *he smiles cheekily*

She seems unphased for a moment, watching the man set himself ablaze. Emerald eyes would glace toward the small crowd that was gathering, a few of them her own crew. 

"Interesting." She smiles, giving a wave of the hand. "But, you're drawing a crowd. You're welcome to stay and chat but..." She motioned, hoping he would get the hint.

*Octavius glances around* I suppose you are right *he pulls up a hood which shrouds his entire face in shadow and walks with Lillian*

The girl laughed, motioning to one of the crew members to take control of the booth before meeting Octavius on the other side.

*Octavius pushes his hood back a small bit* 

I sometimes forget that people of this era arent accustomed to beings like me

*he pulls out a canteen and takes a swig*

Lily smiled, giving a light shrug. "I remember the first time I saw a Divine. Scared me too."

August 25

It had been a rough summer for the she captain, having lost many of her crew to the sweltering heat. But for now, she was back at the docks - her goods splayed out and wares ready to be bought.


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