A place for those who feel outcast or forgotten by the steampunk community or in life. Grab a chair, have a drink, and have a jolly good time with jolly good company. There are people in the world who suck and this is an escape.

The underground life isn't for all be we are out there.


My name is Alex ,the owner, and I'll be your bartender

Along with Ara, the other bartender


And Simon, the Demon King Monkey!

Welcome to the world of steampunk, and If you are new we will gladly help you with anything you need. And check us out for whiskey Wednesday's, where whiskey is free.



There is an underlying story and/or parts there of, that is followed from the Airship Alicia Grey and The Airship Battle Royale. It is not the main focus of the Gear, but It does happen from time to time. The events are scripted at first, but remember your input changes the script. 

This role-play bar, is a light hearted dose of fun. It has its serious moments but the Spirit of the Gear is about comradery, having some drinks, and experiencing everything and anything. The more veteran gear posters will help out the newer Gear Goers with any questions, or ideas.

The gear is designed to help develop your characters if you would like. Feel free to message T.R. Harrison, Arabella Porter, or myself, if you have any questions.







We have a skype room:

[Currently Under Renovation]

World's End(The underground of the RG)

DISCLAIMER: Chat is unfiltered and uncensored, join at your own risk and if you have an issue with it you do not have to participate. This is a back room off welcome. The rejected gear and all afiliated persons are not accountable for the skype chatroom.


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"Oh dear. That could be a disastrous event. Especially given the feelings about lyches in that part of the world." Wil laughs and drinks the rest of his scotch.

eeexactly..and then we managed to get in contact with someone who happened to be a lych slayer. go figure. he gets slaughtered*laughs*

What is it about 'slayers' that they always seem to die at the hand of what they are supposed to know how to hunt?" Wil laughs and pours them both another glass.

I wouldn't have the faintest idea*chuckles* But, I ended up dismembering the blasted thing and shoving it back into it's crate..then when we got to destination port... the shipment receivers were missing!

Oh that is never good. What would you do with the shipment at that point though? You can't just leave it I assume." Wil takes a sip and sits back, listening intently.

well of course not...so we had to find a dockman and without giving away WHAT the shipment was tried to track down the recievers..

What a bother. In what shape were they when you did find them? As I'm certain you did of course. Alive or dead."

shape? round*chuckles* they were all drunk...forgot we were even supposed to be there! until i barged in and forced clothes on them

Oh good lord. What an absurd bunch. You know full well they'll be dead within the week dealing with a lych!" Wil shakes his head with an exasperated sigh and takes another sip.

hey*shrugs* not my problem. I dumped all eight boxes on the dock, got my pay and left*laughed.* aaaand then I almost wrecked the ship on the way back

How did you nearly wreck your own ship?!" Wil laughs and shakes his head as he sips his scotch.

it wasn't fully my fault...skywhale in some nimbus clouds..*shakes her head* damned thing scared me..


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