A place for those who feel outcast or forgotten by the steampunk community or in life. Grab a chair, have a drink, and have a jolly good time with jolly good company. There are people in the world who suck and this is an escape.

The underground life isn't for all be we are out there.


My name is Alex ,the owner, and I'll be your bartender

Along with Ara, the other bartender


And Simon, the Demon King Monkey!

Welcome to the world of steampunk, and If you are new we will gladly help you with anything you need. And check us out for whiskey Wednesday's, where whiskey is free.



There is an underlying story and/or parts there of, that is followed from the Airship Alicia Grey and The Airship Battle Royale. It is not the main focus of the Gear, but It does happen from time to time. The events are scripted at first, but remember your input changes the script. 

This role-play bar, is a light hearted dose of fun. It has its serious moments but the Spirit of the Gear is about comradery, having some drinks, and experiencing everything and anything. The more veteran gear posters will help out the newer Gear Goers with any questions, or ideas.

The gear is designed to help develop your characters if you would like. Feel free to message T.R. Harrison, Arabella Porter, or myself, if you have any questions.







We have a skype room:

[Currently Under Renovation]

World's End(The underground of the RG)

DISCLAIMER: Chat is unfiltered and uncensored, join at your own risk and if you have an issue with it you do not have to participate. This is a back room off welcome. The rejected gear and all afiliated persons are not accountable for the skype chatroom.


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*turning and smiling* I don't know.  The floor feels weird. Something it just a bit...off.  *Pulling out his watch* Bollocks...I need to run some errands.  I will probably be back in a few hours *Putting on his coat and hat, and gathering his things, playfully running in to Ara on the way out* I'll see you two later

*nudges back as he leaves* bye. *sits on the bar counter* So, Octavius, what's new?

*is lying back on the bar with a bottle hanging from his mouth*

*Strolling in, in the usual, bag slung over his shoulder  heading to his stool* Morning Simon, how about that delectable tomato beverage i had you stir up the other day? *Sitting and taking off his bag and hat, setting them on the bar*

*walks in and looks around. When she notices that no one is there, she yells as loud as she can and then goes completely silent. She takes a deep breath and smiles, pleased with herself as she sits on the bar counter before taking out finger print samples and beginning to look for matching minutia points*

*Sits back at the bar.* Damnit!

*Strolling in usual garb but no tie, top shirt buttons undone, black on black striped labeled single breasted best* Simon, my good man, how about a pint of milk stout, eh?  *Walking over and taking a seat, setting his hat on the bar*

*walks in wearing a patchwork skirt and a black shirt. She sits at the bar and pulls out fingerprint and handwriting samples along with her special magnifying glass. She presses a button on the handle and a there's a click follows by a series of ticks as an extremely thin brass arm stems out from the frame of the glass, followed by another one to form a 90 degree angle before a second, smaller magnifying glass pops out so that when she turns it parallel to the page, the smaller is under the larger. She begins to examine the fingerprints* A whorl. This person should not have killed...if they did. *she examines the original finger print and finds a minutia point* crossover right....*she marks it with the red pen* hook, a clear bifurcation....

*Walking down from upstairs, wiping off his hands* Well hey there good lookin, what have you got there? *Walking over and hopping up on the bar, grabbing his pint glass and taking a sip*

*nudges him* Dactylograms and handwriting samples.


*Smiling and nudging back* For fun or leisure? I see the skirt is back, I'm not complaining *smirking*

*sighs* Thomas still can't crack a case. *looks up at him* He really should have gone into aroma therapy. So,  how is the night treating you? *circles another minutia point* Did you have a meeting with the handsome stranger society or the green-eyed club perhaps? *beams*


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