Dear WelcomeToSteampunk family,

Hello! Apologies that things have been quiet and at times, bumpy.

We have gotten caught up in several moves and the typical challenges of a young family in the past year, as well as ning taking its sweet time to update the website to the new shiny version. They did do some updates a few weeks ago(although not The Update, from what we can tell) which caused numerous challenges for our members and this has, thankfully, appeared to have been resolved.

In more exciting news(and the main purpose of this email!), going forward, we have been looking for better ways to implement our chat, and have discovered discord. For those who do not know, discord was initially developed as a gaming chat platform, but has been adopted by many niche subcultures and other niche interest groups as a way to connect. It allows for multiple channels(based on subtopic), voice and video.It has two ways to use on PC(download and internet) as well as a mobile app, which means the ever present “is there a mobile version of chat” problem is finally solved! Please click on this invite link:

You will be walked through signing up and joining the server!

For more help regarding signing up for discord please see the following link:

We hope to see many faces join us in this move forward! The old version, one window chat room directly on the website will remain for two months and then will be phased out, to allow plenty of time for people to check it out and join. If you have any questions we will be checking the chat closely for several days to assist people who have difficulty getting started as well as will be checking our messages on the website. Message either Alexander Baker or Brielle Serra if you have any questions!


WelcomeToSteampunk Staff

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New invite link:

Had some unforeseen issues with invitations last night, with a new invite link and a bot to assign roles while we are sleeping, it should be right as rain! Come check it out! 

Invite link isnt working!

Hey! I'm at work right now but I will post a new one when I get home!

Bumping this discussion! We have just under two months before we remove the regular chat function from the website and switch over to discord! Please head over there as shortly after that there may  be website construction! We will of course update people via email but there may be a several months period of time if we go the "new website construction route" that discord is our primary home! <3

  • So is this chat section what is converting over to Discord?

  • Will the new chat be linked as this is within the Ning website?

  • Will this now require 2 separate logins? ie, 1 for the WtSP Ning site, and second for WtSP Discord chat within the Ning site?


*The forums will remain here. The instant messenger style chat is what is moving to discord.

*For the time being it will be linked on here to there. In the next few months we are looking at alternatives to Ning that will allow it to be cohesive.

*Discord requires it's own login. You can create it to be the same as on here when you download discord.

Apologies for the wait, It's been a busy week and the email went to the wrong folder!


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