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Tim caught his balance looked at Isabella as the man pushed between the two to the elevator and shook head

"Woah there, chief. We aren't just sitting here making small talk. The thing isn't functioning right now, but go ahead and hit the button a few more times if you'd like. In fact, I insist." He said as he stepped back, casually crossing his arms and arming the reactor in the process.

"I hear deliberate persistence on an powered switch will actually spontaneously propagate a self sustaining electron flow." Tim said in a condescending tone raising an eyebrow while puffing at his cigar.

Felix looked to Max "You would have to take that up with the dock master. But your train is waiting." He chuckled as the floor started moving the three captains towards the other elevator.

Isabella looked to the new captain and smirked "With that attitude, you wont last long. These things are organized by teams. Did you not seen one half of the city is red and the other blue? Chances are the other team is here and that's why the elevator wont work." She pushed the button again and the sound of the elevator filled the air.

"Ass..." Tim said under his breath turning to Isabella. "You just have the magic touch don't you, good lookin. I would gladly follow you, but does that mean we are stuck with his grace over here as well? You seem to have a bit more knowledge about what the hell is going on."

 Virote looked to the two sky captains. "You are American, no? Very far from home. Please excuse me," He flashed his blade at Tim before turning. He recognized the beautiful woman and his eyes squinted, trying to remember where he might have seen her. He had a habit out of recognizing people who he had never met. "Have we met in the past? You seem very familiar. Do you pick black petals from short flowers?"  not everyone knew that particular code but there were many ways to ask someone if they traded in the black market. "My attitude was unintentional, his attitude though," He looked back to Tim, "We may have problems. But I suppose the I'll let the sky decide your fate," He mumbled something under his breath in Thai and looked up as if trying to make the elevator run faster.  

Tim grinned as the blade flashed in the sun, "You're right. It was quite intentional. Meaning it or not, one would typically apologize when bursting through a group of people to a door. I don't take to kindly to rudeness, and yes, I see you have a sword. That's nice. Now, it being unintentional, then I apologize, just be a bit more mindful, would you." He retorted extending his hand "Timothy R Harrison, we haven't had a pleasure  I am far from stateside but as for my home, it tends to migrate. Now, from the sound of it, it looks as though we will be working together, so how about let bygones be bygones, Eh?"

"Only to keep them from others." Isabella walked into the now open elevator. "Just remember we are on the same end of the spectrum here. There are three ships already here, and a 'broken' elevator. This place is peculiar."

The other three captains were moved into the elevator by the floor. Felix waved as the door closed. "See you soon," He muttered under his breath. He looked down to the seal on his hand as it flashed blue. 

The elevator emerged from the metal tube, the glass walls allowing the three captains to view the city in all its glory.

Ellie sat on the edge of the catwalk surrounding the rotunda. She looked in the window to Felix. "Oh Teacher. I don't like it here," she mumbled before heading towards the stairs to go to a lower deck.

Some concepts of Avalon.

"Peculiar is one way off putting it" He said as Isabelle entered the elevator and looked to the other Captain. "After you, mate" motioning as Virote walked and he followed in behind him. "This has proven to be quite an interesting day so far.  I'm looking forward to seeing how this all pans out."

Tim checked the remote on his right wrist to verify that the Archimedes was indeed locked up and shut down as the doors to the elevator closed.



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