K-Class Blimps

The K-Class blimp was arguably the most successful airship design with 134 built.  Their primary mission in WW II was convoy patrol which they were particularly suited for due to their endurance and relatively low cruise speed compared to fixed wings.  They claim that no ship was lost to Nazi U-boats under their patrols. 

K-class Airships

Role: Patrol airship

Manufacturer:  Goodyear-Zeppelin and Goodyear Aircraft Corporation

First flight: 6 December 1938

Retired: 1959

Number built: 134

Length: 253 feet. Diameter: 60 feet

Capacity: 450,000 cu. Ft. of helium

Machinery 2 Pratt & Whitney 'Wasp' R-1340 Radial Engines (550hp each)
Armament 1 Browning M2 50 cal machine gun / 4 Mk 47 160 kg (350lb) Aerial Depth Charges
Crew 10
Span 17.63 m
Length 76.73 m
Speed, Maximum 125 km/h
Speed, Cruising 93 km/h
Range, Normal 3,537 km

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