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My home airfield has been ranked "5th hardest to land at commercial airport in the US." What wimps. List   Despite the unique weather in our sub-arctic rainforest Juneau is normally very easy to land.  If the runway was any bigger I might be able to land sideways on it.  The winds are usually sedate.

Now if they want to add a commercial airport to this list try Gustavus just 48 miles away.  Big old military airstrip with one commercial flight per day in the summer.  The constant turbulence on the mountainous side and wind change (aka wind shear) at tree top level make this a less than fun airport even before trying to find someone to sell you gas, zealous insecurity, and helicopter killing attack moose.   Landing 290  Practice check ride oral. 

I had a rare chance to ask a friend to film me flying last Sunday.  He has a faster Mooney (and just to be sure that he caught me I reduced power a little).  This an overcast evening so the our anti-collision strobes and position lights are visible.  We are flying over a little sub-community of Funter Bay, Alaska at 2,500'. 


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