If once condemned to the Tyburn Tree,
Your last request for a meal would be?
-Gwyn Thrilaquest

If condemned to the Guillotine
what would your last meal have been?
-Phyllis Pharaday

(I liked the gallows reference, she likes the Guillotine because she said the ‘tine’ is like a fork’s prong thus more appropriate for the topic of this discussion. *sigh* We rarely see eye-to-eye unless she is seated on my lap.)

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NY strip steak...well, make that Kobe if it’s my last; red-skin garlicky
mashed potatoes (or herb roasted); a salad of baby greens with raspberry/walnut dress;
and for dessert anything sinfully chocolate..make it a triple+!
To drink- A LOT of Baileys.
(Pour that chocolate on me, I’m mildly allergic so normally cannot eat much but hey, if it’s my last meal, it doesn't really matter!)

Whole grain pancakes with Maple syrup and Hickory smoked bacon; for dessert black Forest cake; To drink- Birch beer.

it's last supper. so..anything goes.

Good Question,Gwyn.

For my last supper. I want a, Sea Food Feast!

Crab,Lobster,Clams,Mussels,fish. and white wine too wash it all down. 


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