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March 14th, 2157

     Commissar Jonathan Kingston, head and sponsor of League Chapter Alpha, had just awoken after a night of fitful sleep. Things had not been going well in the Sector. Crime rates had skyrocketed, the trade world of Byzantium had fallen to Don Vrein and was currently under his control, reports of strange serpentine creatures had arisen, and the current League members had gone missing. He had sent for new recruits last October, and was awaiting for his order to be processed. A warm yellow glow alerted him to a new message from League Central, back in Old London. 

       He opened the message and was bathed in the familiar warmth of steam and the gentle crackle of faint magic as the message was reconstituted in front of him. A small envelope materialized out of thin air with a small pop and a slight scent of ozone filled the room. He opened the envelope, and pulled out the paper.

  "From the Desk of Lord Edmund Stahlmann, League Director. 

Congratulations, Commissar.

Your order has been filed, and we have searched through our databases to find suitable recruits for your League. Recruits will be sent to your base shortly, as soon as we locate them. Do understand, this process can take anywhere from one hour to seven days, by the Terran reckoning, but you will receive a message containing their dossiers as soon as we have verified their location. The training and conditioning will be up to you."

The Commissar sighed in relief, and brewed himself some tea.

       After a breakfast of native flora and fauna, surprisingly delicious, the Commissar strode to his office and for once decided to open the window. The window was in fact a large aperture which faced the planet below. The planet was a pristine green orb, coated in a thick jungle in some places and a beautiful sea in others. This perfect appearance actually belied a planet covered in deadly sorts of savage creatures. The planet made great sport, and the more hunter-like of its visitors frequently went on safari to hunt and capture trophies of sorts. It was great fun, but the Commissar was a no-nonsense sort of fellow.

         His pondering was soon interrupted by another yellow light. He opened this one quickly. After the steam cleared (there was more than before) a package appeared, containing what he could only assume were his dossiers. An official note was on the top, which he skimmed over before opening the package. It was in fact the dossiers. He took the first one out, and read it.


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