I thought this would be a safe topic for opening the group. Some men prefer electric ....no idea why, there are the disposable razor gentlemen , and the more old school traditionalists such as myself who prefer a safety razor or straight razor.

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I agree with Lach on this... Using razors is far quicker (providing you choose the good razors that is, because I'm afraid there are the type where they tear your skin off before they try to remove the beard)

Also the fact that you can't simply use an electric item in the bathroom - especially when it's full of steam from the hot shower/bath - too dangerous in my opinion.

Well due to my genes and such, growing much facial hair can be a problem. Since I can only manage a chin goatee and such, I just generally shave around my face with a disposable razor. I do wish I had an old fashioned strait razor though.

It is currently too late in the season to even consider more than a trim and a conditioning for my moustache and beard. That being said, for the daily shave, weather permitting, I find that the Gillette Mach 3 Sensitive Power Razor with a weekly replacement of the blades gives me a rather smooth and even shave. Now I'm not above pampering myself with the occasional trip to my favorite barber for a quick shave and a haircut, but I just haven't the steadiness or confidence needed to put a straight blade to my throat.

I have used a straight razor for awhile but, I believe I'm going to a shavette . It's like a straight razor but it uses safety razor blades . They are replaceable and thus no pains of honing the blade again and again.

You can buy something quite similar to this from beauty supply shops. I have one myself though am looking to upgrade to an actual straight razor in the near future.

I like the ones that cut. :) 

My husband prefers a disposable razor. Electric razors, even when brand new, rip the beard out rather than cut it. Perhaps I will dig out the bag of antique safety razors I have packed away and see how he likes those...You've given me food for thought!

Lemme know what you have packed away. I might be interested in purchasing one if you are interested in selling.

Thanks to the bad influence of Dr Mike's Shaving Emporium (very steamy) I have been trying a wider and wider variety of antique razors with generally good results. 

I have recently become fond of one of these WWI-WWII era Gillettes but also have a nice Gillette "flare tail" (60s), some older GEMs, and the type that I am surprised to like, VALET autostrops.  The autostrops are amazingly steamy and excellent shaves but the blades are far more expensive and I am having no luck with the leather strop actually extending the expensive Feather blade life. 

The razors work best when you can find the best matching blades which can be an adventure in itself.

This is a good pictorial site to help date DE Gillette razors.  http://www.mr-razor.com/Rasierer/Old%20Type/Old%20Type.htm  

I found a couple of these older GEM "clip" razors and I am rather pleased with them.  First only GEM blades work in GEM razors so do not waste money on hardware store blades that look like them.  When your GEM blades are no longer sharp enough to shave with they will still be better than the hardware store blades for cutting tape and removing stickers from glass.  These are razors offer close shaves and are as gentle as any modern razor (for a fraction of the $). 

In contrast I tried some of the newer (WW II era) screw bottom GEM razors and these are too sharp.  Very close shave then my face started bleeding from all sorts of tiny unfelt nicks.  Worse than all other antique razors that I have tried combined.  Be careful if you find one of these.


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