So this is one of McCall's Summer Steampunk patterns. 

I can across this article and the author is concerned about the, well, leather. 

Generally, we are all wondering when Steampunk = a black plastic table cloth. 

I mean, most of us agree that it is good for someone who does not know how to sew to have some kind of a guide. And we are all aware that Steampunk is a creative art. Individually the pieces of the pattern seem to work. But mashed together like this, it kind of looks like a Steampunk Cowboy who stole their fathers pants from the 70's. 

They say there will be more patterns released for the summer....what what materials they will us?

What do YOU think? 

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I don't think it was actually intended that someone would wear all the pieces together at once. One would choose the thing they needed and go from there. I do think the steampunk biker look is rather amusing. But what if one wanted to make something for which the chaps would be just a starting point? Or an arm thingy that had just the right embellishments or additions? I can't even remember the last time I bought a pattern and made it up exactly as designed! :)

I somehow missed this post! I'm not really sure what the designer intended, but luckily us steampunks tend to pick and choose and put our own spin  on things!


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