Has anyone smoked a Missouri Meerschaum cob pipe. They're quite nice-looking for a cob pipe and are very inexpensive - $7.00 at my local tobacco store. I've heard they smoke quite nicely and am thinking of picking up one or two this week to give them a try. 

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Honestly I've got several and they are ok to smoke but I prefer briar over cob myself. I also find that I think they get a bit to warm for my taste.

I've a preference toward briar pipes myself, but I've never actually tried a cob pipe and I do admire their lackadaisical and simple quality. 

Yes, they are not great, but they are not bad either - and if it gets crushed or lost you don't have a great investment lost.  Good for hunting or fishing.  They used to sell for less than a dollar.

I used to smoke a Missouri Meerschaum cob pipe but the bottom got real soggy and fell apart so now my daily smoking pipe is a Missouri Meerschaum wood pipe.


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