Ok. I'll jump on this. What are people's preferred pipe styles to smoke? I love my churchwardens for events where I'm outdoors the whole time but I find that my daily smoker tends to be a brandy style pipe. 

There are so many styles of pipe and I always wonder what others are people smoking.

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Glad you brought up the need for a different pipe for different occasions. For my general outdoors smoker, I fall back on a knucklebone or great dane style corn cob. I'm not the biggest fan of filtered Dr. Grabows, but they do have some nice authors and bulldogs for fishing and just lazy day activities. I produce my own 'filters' using rolled paper, hence no embers nor plastic chemicals and all the flavor. I have a nice after dinner smoker in my bent billiard, the cocobolo oom paul more for knobbing with the 'snobs' I know. I've got to say that I get more fun out of the looks I get when I attend ren faires smoking my MacArthur corn cob than I ever got from the church wardens.

This is one of life's great questions of course.  In the end, it may be as Sherlock Holmes once said, there is nothing quite so personal as a man's pipe or bootlaces.  Pipes are distinguished by their shape, their finish, the type of stem, the bowl;s material and shape etc.  Some prefer a smooth finish that shows off the grain of the briar while others prefer a rusticated or sand blasted finish.  Each of us has a different shape face, and each selects a shape and stem curvature that suits our image of ourselves.

Very well put Professor.

Agreed.  I myself prefer a simple diplomat or a half bent taper

Peterson system pipes for me, although I have a fair number of Stanwells and Bjarnes - mostly the Danes are freehands

Amanda, deputy curator over at the Retronaut, uploaded these fantastic examples of smoking paraphernalia from around the world in 1890.


www.retronaut.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Smokiana-1.jpg?resize=..." alt="Smokiana 1"/>

That is one great link! Thank you much Ian! 


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