While you are visiting our lovely establishment, in which you are completely safe, please abide by the following rules, which have been created for your service. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

1. Roleplay, not matchmaking.

This group is meant for in-character roleplaying, not the mingling of singles.

2. This is a public place. Act accordingly.

The Glass Rose strives to uphold the personal privacy of our patrons. However, we are a respectable tavern, not a brothel. If your roleplay content becomes too... heated, you will be politely escorted from the building. That sort of conduct should be carried out in private messages, not on public discussion boards.

It is also worth noting that any kind of harrassment will not be tolerated.

3. Mind the theme.

This tavern was created to be a safe place for automatons who love automatons, humans who love automatons, and automatons who love humans. Humans who love humans are not technically banned, because that would be quite inhospitable of us, but we do not cater specifically to those people. That is not why we are here. Those couples could go anywhere - this is a safe haven. 

4. Mind your manners.

Gentleman, be gentlemanly. Ladies, be ladylike. Automatons, remember your courtesy programming. Let's all be kind to one another, shall we?

As long as you uphold these simple rules, your secret is safe with us.

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