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Last Dance of the Keys..

As I sit and wonder, stride and blunder, how should I, live after life. I play here all alone, my fingers keep me company and moan, and how could I, play the end of time.

Over there out in the yonder, do I see my ferry man wonder. Bit by bit, attracted to the sound of it. I play my melody of life and death, a dance of passion in once tired hips.…


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      "What're you doing on the train, to the living?" asked Dusten. "She's being revived" said Big Lou. Bo'Dean then says "We need to hurry up and get her back, before her body starts to fall apart." This frightened the girl, she busted into tears. "Oh no, I'm never going to get to go home" she said in a very disheartened voice. Big Lou then replied softly "you are too going home. Remember, we say who lives and who dies." Bo'Dean goes "No hell we don't, the big man does." "Shut the hell up,…


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The Black Souls.

        Bo'Dean goes to the tool box, and gets his cane out. His wasn't like Dusten's, in the fact that it was made of iron wood and had a ram skull on it, while Dusten's was made of Dog Wood. Big Louie's cane was also different, as the skull head on it was also not of a human, but was of a ox. "Why are ya'll's cane different from mine; why are there different heads?" asked Dusten. Bo'Dean replied, "I have a ram because I am head strong, Big Louie has ox because he's as strong as one, and…


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Meet the Engineer.

     Arriving at the station, Dusten goes and asks for a ticket. Mick had given him a reaper's pass, which enables a reaper to travel on the train freely. The station master see's the pass and the tells him, '' you don't need a ticket boy, you got the pass, just hop on." Dusten 1st inspects the train, going to the head, where the locomotive was. Dusten was an engineer in his previous life, working for the W&A during the civil war, and as a supervisor for the newly built railway, the…


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1st assignment of the new Reaper.

     New reaper Dusten Blake Barefoot, walked into the headquarters of the underworld, also known as purgatory; to meet the board of death keepers, for his 1st assignment. The place of buisness was rather old, with rotten posts, declining roof top, and surrounded by crows. 

    He looks around to see if there is anyone else on their way there, other than him. Opening a tall door, with an elaborate emblem on it, he arrives inside to see a massive palace like grand hall. Dusten pondered…


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Random song idea, just rambleing

(Scientist and Sanitarium singing 1st verse)

Welcome to this wonderland

everybody in their box

grab your seat and don't let go

stay strapped in your chair

welcome to the show

(madman within)

you've been waiting for the song

that will never be

you've been writing all along

trapped in your sanity


Darkness rooms, and fire, and fire

there's no way out

darkness rooms and fire, and…


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Origins of the Reaper.

February 1st 1864

I’ve been stranded here in Virginia since January sixth. Me and the North Carolina 28th battalion are in the mud and dust, praying for light. I’ve just turned 22 and missing your famous blueberry cobbler you always make me on my birthday. Your tinplate keeps me hope as I hold it in my pocket. I will write back soon. I have begun to hear the cannon’s blaze across the fiery hills towards the north. I hear Sherman is coming


I love you…


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Metal Opera

I feel the summer breeze hit across my face

I see the summer stars, in the night sky’s

I watch the summer sun, turn into a dark haze

just like a memory in time

when we watched the stars fly on by


wake up, feel the heat

walk with me and you will see

it's all just a midnights summer's dream

forget the past and leave it behind

you're running ragged

you're going blind

can't you see

it's a midnight…


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