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Father and Son (Kolfife)

The lanky boy peered in on the women's side of the striped Bedouin tent as the circumference of a burning afternoon sun tapped the west mountains of the valley. Inside the shady tent, the smell of cumin and sweet Bedouin tea wafted about. The kid observed as his five mothers as they hurried about like cloaked phantoms, preparing for the guests to arrive. He watched as Basima chopped nana, her eyes, the only part of her that Kolfife had ever seen, concentrated on the slick kitchen knife. She… Continue

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Sunrise over Saudi Arabia

It was four am when I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. my hammoc rocked back and forth as I pressed my feet against the rough wood of my room, glowing golden light from lantern on my desk and a pulsing green light as my belt hit full charge. I sighed and undid my hair from it's loose plat before replatting it and twisting it into a bun. I pinned it up and pulled on some brown trousers and my boots before changing my shirt. At 4:15, the ship's silence was disturbed by the sound of music… Continue

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I Just Wanted to See the Window Shatter

Our laughter echoed off the cobblestone and sifted itself through the foggy midnight air of London slums. The usual distant yells of domestic violence and popping gunfire of criminal activity was drowned out by the sound of quickly paced heart beats as we ran, my nose numbed by cold rain and lightly sprinkled drops running on strands of my hair, some of these strandsclinging to my neck. Leander stopped short and pulled me into him to stop me as well.

"No, come on!" I laughed, "my…


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