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Today on the S S Silver Widow

Ara woke up and slipped on trousers and a shirt. She unplugged her belt from the charger and put it on as well as the bracelet and necklace. She thought about Oz, (it was still weird calling him that but what the hell, right?) he was probably somewhere strange doing god knows what and she was waking up hung over pirates for the morning. They weren't moving or looting today, and the captain had fallen asleep at her desk. Ara had thrown a blanket over her, Charlotte's face, stuck to a letter from… Continue

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Poison; a bonding expirience

Arabella knocked on the polished wood of the bar. "Southern Comfort and something with which to kill this guy behind me." She smiled and then drew her gun when his hand slid onto her neck. "Nevermind, this'll do just fine." Once again, Arabella Porter's revolver was pressed into the chest of Thomas Dunning. "Give me the warrant papers or I'll shoot."

"I don't have them. I wouldn't have those privileges in foreign skies and soils." He held his hands half way up in surrender, looking… Continue

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In which the cursed scarf is always blamed

It had been happening all week. It started when the Widow's morning loot victim turned out to be a crew of monks. Ara sighed and scanned the group of firmly standing men in their brown robes, unafraid of death. Nothing to offer. She turned to the crew.

"I told you you should have burned that fucking scarf." Jon pointed out. Everyone laughed at him until the next ship when Ara had just happened to be helping Chanter with a crate of pomegranates and he slipped on a tea towel on the… Continue

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In which Ara receives a cursed scarf

"What is the meanin of this!!!!??" Shouted a well suited man who stumbled in front of a well clothed (yet terrified) crowd of air cruise guests. David looked back at captain Charlotte who gave him a nod. He cocked his gun at the man.

"Back the fuck off unless you're the captain" he shot a sarcastic smile with a cocked eyebrow. The man huffed at the gun and began walking away. "Wait," David said after him. The man stopped and turned. "That's a mighty fine topper you've got. How much… Continue

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