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Happy Birthday

Saturday afternoon at “Mrs. London’s Bakery and Tea shop.” The smell of freshly baked bread wafts from the shop and Ara watched with binoculars as Mrs. Dunning swayed in with a pearl choker around her neck and a sophisticated chocolate colored parasol to match her dress. It was Thomas’ cousin’s birthday that night and his aunt had been pulled aside for “more important” engagements. So, Mrs. Dunning, being the natural sweetheart she is, offered to pick it up. It was a green tea flavored…


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Crew of the S.S Silver Widow

Charlotte Bennet: The captain:: 16 years old ::

Arabella Porter : First mate :: 18 years old ::

Mercurian Maxwell: Quarter Master:: 65 years old::

Roderick Bray :: Navigator:: 19 years old::

Dominique L'Overture:: first gunner :: 19 years old

Ezra Kent:: 30 years old

Daniel Potter:: 20 years old.

Zachary Goram:: 22 years old

Marcus Mansfield :: 19 years old

Chanter:: 35 years old

Joseph Ringam:: 28 years…


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Home: song for the divine mother of the universe

I had lost track of time while waiting. How long had it been since my captain locked me in the brig? How long had it been? I hadn’t done anything, nothing at all. But still, the crew was so forceful but I don’t know; that could have been because I fought back. Either way, when Chanter finally opened the cell door and let me out, I was right pissed off. We went up to the deck and there, waiting for me, was the entire crew.

“Will you care to explain what the hell that was about?” I…


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Have you met Bentley? He's quite the character.

 We had landed in the upper Galilee, near the city of Tsfat and I shivered in the rainy mountainous air.  We were waiting for Chanter and Dominique to come back from scoping the area for a place to stay. I stood rocking back and forth when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Are you cold?” Bentley asked, walking up next to me. Have you guys met Bentley? Ben’s quite the character. When working, it’s as if he has no morals but when there’s nothing to do, he’s actually one of the cuddliest,…


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New Crew Mate

     “When you to drop me in the nowhere?” Kolfifa asked one night as we were digging into a stir-fry made by Dominique. The whole crew looked up a bit shocked.

      “ma?” What? I asked, not really processing that he spoke English.  He stood up and jumped onto the table in front of me, squatting down and staring sharply.

       “I say, when you to drop me in the nowhere. That your job, no?” He asked slower. I exchanged glances with Marlow who was sitting right next to…


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Living Conditions

So, I don’t think I’ve ever explained the living conditions of the S.S Silver Widow. Here’s the deal. One fifth (that’s an uneducated guess) of the third lowest deck is for residential space and the only people with their own room are me, captain Bennet, Mercurian, Roderick, and Dominique due to some sort of deal with the captain that was made when she first joined the Widow. I know nothing about it and she doesn’t say anything about it so, therefore, I don’t ask.

When you walk down…


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“Kolfifa means monkey” I pointed out, staring blankly at the lanky Israeli man swinging from the crow’s nest to the stern of the airship we had come across. “Why is he called kolfifa?” I asked.

“I’m sorry,” The captain of hasod shachor started sarcastically, “Do you not see how this man gets around?” He gestured to Kolfifa again even though I was already watching him climb up the mast of the ship and swing from net segment to net segment that was attached to the balloon of the…


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