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 Felix sat on the railing at the rear of the ship. Looking down at the half empty bottle of bourbon in his hands he lat out a prolonged sigh. "Where did you get that Felix," Valerius's voice echoed from behind him.

"What do you want now, its bad enough I'm imprisoned on this ship."

"Felix can you try to get along with me for once?"

"Can you answer some things for me first?"


"How do you know so much?" Gritting his teeth and clenching the…


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"I hate doing these political events," Felix said adjusting his suit coat. 

"You know our orginization is on the line," Sarah teased him while putting in her earrings.

"I just hate being her dog," adjusting his tie and cuff links.

"You never felt that way about Cynthia."

"Cynthia is different though," choking a little bit.

"Not really, both captains and command a certain amount of authority."

"Well one of the biggest differences is I'm…


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Felix and Valerius stood on the bridge of the A.A.S. Trinity. "Fire up the warp drive," Valerius barked at the officers n the bridge. A low hum filled the air. "So Amy what is with this new warp drive you created? Is that what is so important about this ship?" Felix inquired, as he leaned on the railing on the command deck of the bridge. "You'll see. Engage the stealth drive." The hum grew louder with her command. With a flash of light they were in a different airspace all…


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"Felix, you have served us well. The only thing is there have been several incidents since we rescued you from your captors. I know they did some horrible things but the incidents keep happeneing," The commander said looking out the window, overlooking london.

"We can figure out the source of this, it won't be that hard," attemping to bargin with Commander Valerius.

"Felix, we both know you aren't in a right mentality to do the mission at hand," she sternly…


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"...Men, this is going to be one of your toughest battles to date. You may not make it but, you will be saving the world from imminent danger." The young lieutenant finished speaking after motivating speech. He gave the podium to the young ensign. "Men as you know we are going against the Wraith, James Callaghan a.k.a. Tura' Lu. Captain Bellicose will be the Commanding officer for this mission. We will be using the his ship The Spirit. Each one of you has been issued an aether suit which…


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What its Worth.

Year: 1903

Location: Rejected Gear Tavern

Date: October 9

Time: 0300

     Felix sat in the empty bar, Brielle was fast asleep in their room. He was recollecting the past couple…


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Southern Spain(A Collaborative piece.)

Year: 1903

Location: Southern Beaches of Spain, near Cartagena

Dates: July 21-24

     After half a day of sailing the skies and Brielle sleeping through most of it. He woke her up from and told her to prepare for landing. She just laid there…


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Just a Droid

I've lost so much
and gained so little
all for that caring touch
for a heart that is now so brittle

Fate's hand
has struck me
by land
and by sea

Maybe it was meant to be
Maybe it was not
Why couldn't you love me?
Why'd you treat me like snot?

In my chest
an empty void
a place with no rest
Maybe I'm Just a Droid?

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Welcome to Aether, The Newcomer.

Year: 1903

Location: Regected Gear Basement

Date: July 18th


     Felix entered the…


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Stars Above the Clouds. (A collaborative piece.)

Year: 1903

Location: Adolphus's Dock, London.

Date: July 16

       Felix and Brielle arrived at the grey after a ten minute cab ride. She followed him down the pier to what looked like a sailing ship. He pulled out a remote as the bridge…


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Flight Drill

Year: 1900

Location: Southern Coast of Spain

Date: June 23


   Felix sat surrounded in red light. The flashing red lights indicated launch was imminent. He felt the jerk of lift as the ship started to moaned and groaned to the shift metal. He tucked the…


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Cynthia: Captain Darkrose

Year: 1902

Location: Undisclosed Location

Date: June 28

     Cynthia sat in her office. She overlooked the engineering bay as they were finishing up the ship. …


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Ellie: the Ten Year Old Terror

Year: 1901

Location: Alicia Grey, London, England

Date: January 22

   Felix sat at his desk looking through the day's mail. There was an invitation for the 1902 World's Fair in New York City. He stuck it in the top drawer of his desk.…


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Sarah: Super Spy or Secret Sinner?

Year: 1899

Location: London, England

Date: December 14


      Sarah walked down the street, the snow was was dancing in the air. She picked up the pace as she tracked through…


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Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 5: Monster Hunt?

Jacob and Alicia reached the next town at nightfall. The two managed to get through the gates before they sealed for the night. The two managed to find an inn with an open room.

Jacob and his daughter ate a hearty meal when he noticed a poster on the wall:


 We we welcome you to  

    join in the annual  …


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Assignment Avalon

Felix leaned on the side of the small farmhouse. The elderly gentleman came out and handed him a piece of paper. Felix stood up as he read the piece of paper. A flash of lightning and roar of thunder filled the air for a moment.

"So you want me to infiltrate the city and collect data?"

"That is the idea...and take your apprentice with you."

"So why not Sarah for this mission?" Felix asked the man.

"Because you are the Sky Captain. We know something is up, with…


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Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 4: Morning Madness

Liza sat perched on the roof of the bar, watching the sunrise. Its warm beams clearing the slight fog. She shivered from the cold morning air. "Rolof isn't back. Useless mutt," she fumed to herself. "This is going to be harder than I thought," she said as she slid down the thatch roof. She landed squarely on the ground and brushed off the dirt.

The priest arose from his slumber in a cold sweat. "Damn nightmares! Always the same damn thing," he yelled at the…


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Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 3: Sleepy Tree

"Papa, who was that?" Alicia asked as he carried her.

"That was Liza Richmont. One of the most dangerous hunters out there," he explained as they walked along the road. "We have to find mom before she does." Alicia nodded and hid in his shoulder from the wind. Jacob started scanning the sides of the road for a place to rest.

Liza sat at the bar and sipped her ale. She had confidence that Rolof, while brutal in his methods, would finish the job and bring her the…


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A Home Away From Home.


As of about two weeks ago, I was evicted from my online home on the Empire. A place i kept open at all times, a place where I met several great people and even better friends. I have been kept in the dark by Ms. Marsh. I am not going to 'snipe' as she puts it. My only thing on that subject, is for someone who goes over the top with moderating and tries to promote civility, why can't they give the courtesy to at least explain why I was…


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The Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 2: Tantalizing Trouble

The two sat in the bar and ate their bread. Jacob was finally happy to eat again.He knew he needed a bigger pack for food but, that would sacrifice room for weaponry. He observed his daughter watching a poker game at the adjacent table. His smile quickly faded as he noticed a priest walking into the bar. He tapped Alicia on her back and she turned to her father. He gestured to the priest and she hid under the table.

"Evenin' Father" the barkeep lilted while pouring a…


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