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The Navigator's Lullaby

Only clouds out in the night to lead us back to home

But he feels the right way to sail deep inside his bones

Only he who know the stars better than ocean blue

Will take what little he can see and know how much he knew

To lead us back in safety, never lost nor ever confused

A navigator’s talent is one always to be used.


He could spend all night and day just staring up above

Or sharing with the crew all the diamonds that he…


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Captain Silver's Adventures

Silver had found more and more often that her crow's nest watch was slacking. twice she had narrowly avoided Sky Whales and freighter ships. But after that encounter she would rid herself of the slacking crewman. It wasn't until the other ship crashed into her port side that she was informed of another ship. A black pirate ship.

Running out onto the top deck she spun to face the ship that was pushing hers closer to the mountains. "I have nothing but dry rations. Leave my ship be!" she…


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the adventurous shenanigans of Captain Silver Steamaether

Let me tell you a story about a wonderful captain.

She was originally a scientist's daughter. Stuck in stiff corsets, and satin. Listening to men with mustaches ramble about Blue Matter..

She was 16, smart and HATED the ground.

So one day, she woke up and put on her loose corset, went to her father's basement wearing a pair of his pants and started to draw. She drew and drew and calculated and finally had a beautiful airship plan.

She took it to her friend Tressa…


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Tinkering in Time

Since Silver was stuck on land for a while, she decided to take up residence close to the Rejected Gear. But there's two things you never let Silver get. first, you never let her get Rum, if you do, it'll never end. second, you never let Silver get bored.

That's just what happened. Whilst sitting in her room throwing things at her door she got a brilliant idea. she tugged out her Ocular with all it's magnification properties. she sat at her table and pulled out eight different pocket…


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