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Steampunk Props #3 - Keys, Locks, and Wrist Restraints.

      If one is involved with various types of investigations, and the apprehension of wanted criminals, like my character is, being able to get into (or out of) locked areas, and keeping any outlaws captured alive under control, can be useful.  So, I've collected a few items to facilitate that.  Like keys -

      These are pretty much ordinary keys…


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Ballistol - A steampunk multi-purpose oil(?)

      Ballistol (from the words 'ballistic' and 'oleum') is a multi-purpose oil, first compounded in 1904 by Dr. Helmut Klever as a response to the German Imperial Army's request for a substance that could be used to clean and lubricate a soldier's firearm, as well as protect the wooden parts, and also protect his leather gear.  It was adopted by the German army in 1905, and remained in use until 1945.  So it's not quite Victorian, but does predate World War I by ten years.  And yes, it's…


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Steampunk and the carbide lamp. (As a prop, and a genuinely useful item.)

      OK, first off, I will shamelessly point out that putting "Steampunk" as the first word of the title simply gets more attention.  Now on to the carbide lamp.

      I used to think these things had been around for ages, but it turns out that these lamps did not come into general use until the very last years of the 19th century.  (They were used primarily by miners, and cave explorers, as well…


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Just something I found.

      OK, for some reason, I was considering entering a post about how (in the United States) The European Grand Tour evolved into See America due to the onset of WWI.  The Grand Tour was something that only the wealthy could indulge in.  But the war sent thousands or "regular, everyday Americans" to Europe who would otherwise never have gone there.  This reminded me of the song "How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm (After They've Seen Paree?)".  When I…


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Something from the CR&A universe.

      I don't believe I have any talent when it comes to drawing, but I think I have managed to develop some skills with cobbling together visual images by computer manipulation.  By using this so-called skill, I've made something from the CR&A universe that I've been meaning to for a long time.  It's made using some found images, and various free fonts.  I've uploaded the image full size, so it may look better opened in a separate window.…


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Confederate currency mystery solved.

      For a number of reasons (see here), I've been collecting replica Confederate currency for some time.  Most of these bills include pictures of real people, mainly important individuals from general American history, or Confederate leaders of the time.  It wasn't too difficult to identify who they were, except for one of them.…


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An explanation of face masks, and their ratings.

      OK, not very steampunk, but with the current conditions, this may at least be informative for some people.

      Recently, the city council where I live has made the wearing of face masks in retail establishments mandatory.  No definition of what amounts to a 'face mask' was stipulated, so I've been wearing a black bandana so I look like an old west outlaw.   Heh.   But the whole mask business seems to be a big deal, and I've done a fair amount of research into masks as…


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Further coincidences from the CR&A universe.

      Yet more coincidences relating to the character of Adele Calloway, her name, and fictional family.

      I'll point out once more that the name "Adele Calloway" simply popped into my head one day, in November of 2012.

      Just now, I decided to look up the name Calloway.  It turns out to be not terribly uncommon in Texas, where Adele is from.  There are a number of place names, and business names containing Calloway, and it is also the name of an early community…


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Regnad and the Gunfighters, a CR&A gaiden.

      Alright, I've decided to post a CR&A story.  This is a short one, but it's one I've wanted to type up for some time, and now that I have, I'd like to let others read it.  It's in my script format, and everything in it belongs to me!  (Sorry, but I feel I need to say that.)  Anyways -

                         P. Aloysius Regnad Presents:

                    A (rather important) CR&A Gaiden

                      "Regnad and the…


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Steampunk Pastimes: Faro, a nearly forgotten card game.

      By the standards of movies, and television, one is lead to believe that the most popular card based gambling game in the old west was poker.  This is NOT true!  It was Faro. (Or Pharo, or Pharaoh.)

      Faro is a game of chance played with our "normal" 52 card deck, in what is now called "poker" size. (In the days of the Wild West, they were just as likely to be called a Faro Deck.)  Faro requires a "layout" that looks like this:…


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Steampunk props: #2 - Replica gaming (gambling) items.

      OK, once one has decent replica coins and currency, one needs a way to spend it, right?  So what better way than to plunk it down on the poker, faro, blackjack, or craps table!  (At least in the Wild Steampunk West, where my CR&A character lives.)  So that means playing cards, and dice.  Cards first -

      There are pretty much two options - the Highlanders 1864 deck…


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Steampunk props: #1 - Replica coins and currency

      I'm going to try and recreate this series all over again.

      I like to have "period" (like there's an actual Steampunk period, right?) items around to inspire me, and to "use" if I ever go to any kind of steampunk event.  Replica money is as good a place as any to start. (The whole issue of replica money is clouded by the fact that some people (and maybe agencies) think this is the same as counterfeiting.  I don't see this as the case, but it limits what's…


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Dreams as Inspiration.

      This was originally posted under the title  "Where do (my) ideas come from?"  on the old Steampunk Empire website.  And things in square brackets [ ] are modern insertions.

-      (WARNING - This post contains what those reading [ or having read ] my CR&A stories may consider to be spoilers.  [ Or maybe not.  It's quite possible that no one reading this is familiar with my material. ]  Anyways, proceed at your own risk.)

      I considered a lengthy introduction to…


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Coincidence #2 from the CR&A universe.

      OK, I've described coincidences 1, 3, and 4, so I may as well reiterate #2.

      AFTER thinking up the character of Adele Calloway, giving her a romantic relationship with the character based on me, and deciding on her birthday (September 23, 1882), I decided to see how "we" relate according to the so-called "Chinese Zodiac".  In simplest terms, this assigns an animal to a person according to the year of their birth, and indicates certain characteristics which a person with a…


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Another (minor) coincidence from the CR&A universe.

      I've mentioned some of these things before, and here is another one.

      The character of Adele Calloway has a number of highly developed skills that enable her to function successfully in a Wild/Weird Western Steampunk environment.  She is an expert horsewoman, adept with a lariat, can track, and 'read sign' to an extraordinary degree, is fluent in American Indian sign language, and is highly proficient with handguns.  She is also not shy about pointing out her abilities to…


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Steampunk, and Musical Machines

      [This was originally a post in a group I had created on the old Steampunk Empire website, dedicated to classical music, and its relationship to steampunk.]

-      Machines used to play music are nothing new.  Carillons have been automated since at least the 17th century, and small music boxes have been around since at least the 18th.  By the 19th century, musical machines of many types began to be produced.  One of the most famous was the Panharmonicon, invented by…


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The CR&A Christmas Special for 1905

                P. Aloysius Regnad Presents:

        - The CR&A Christmas Special for 1905 -


               Adele Amaryllis Calloway

               P. Aloysius Regnad

               Caroline Iolanthe Sprague



        SCENE I:  The radiocomm alcove in CR&A's roverhome.  "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen", being played by a brass…


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CR&A Christmas Special Preamble

         Since it is seasonally appropriate, I am going to post the CR&A Christmas Special for 1905.  It is really meant to be read after finishing Chapter 23, so I'm going to fill in a little information so anyone reading will have some idea of who the characters are, and what's going on.  The rest will probably come across as mysterious, but that could be a good thing, since it may make readers curious about CR&A, more of their story, and the universe they live in.  Chapter 23…


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Another Coincidence from the CR&A Universe

      Note:  This is a continuation of blog posts I made on the old Steampunk Empire site, which vanished along with it.  They concerned some very strange coincidences surrounding my CR&A (Calloway, Regnad, & Associates) series of stories.  Rather than try and recreate those posts, I'm just going to pick up where they left off.

      A key event in the formation of the group that becomes CR&A occurs at a world's fair type of event scheduled to begin in May of 1905, in the…


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