New reaper Dusten Blake Barefoot, walked into the headquarters of the underworld, also known as purgatory; to meet the board of death keepers, for his 1st assignment. The place of buisness was rather old, with rotten posts, declining roof top, and surrounded by crows. 

    He looks around to see if there is anyone else on their way there, other than him. Opening a tall door, with an elaborate emblem on it, he arrives inside to see a massive palace like grand hall. Dusten pondered to himself "Where in the hell is everyone at?" Suddenly a hollow sounding deep voice calls to him to go down the hall. A little frightened, he meanders down the hall, looking at the walls covered in many personifications of death.

    Arriving at the end of the hall, and into a what seemed like a grand court room, he sees a gathering of people, all dressed in black, and white. Some seemed as if they were from different time periods, by the way of their clothing. Wondering who to ask, Dusten then turns to a person next to him, and asks "Where do I go to get an assignment?" The person he was talking to was a bit older than him, short, with long white beard, and a pipe hanging from his lips. The man in response asked "Are you new here?" Dusten then said "yes sir, I'm wonder where in the world we get our assignments from." The old man then replied "The names Mick. If you go over to the stand over there, a crow should already have it, and fly to you." Dusten said "Thanks, Mick, my name's Dusten, see you around."

     Getting up to the stand, a large black crow, drops a slip of paper. On the paper it read the name of "Mark Drakelend" and the description below read, "5'0" Thinks he's a know it all. Cause of death; "you pick it"." In Dusten's mind, he was a little tickled, saying. "At least they let me choose it; should probably make it easy on the poor ol' boy."

     Leaving the palace of death, Dusten is yet again met my Mick. "You need new cloths" said Mick. What's wrong with the ones I have one?" asked Dusten. Mick then replied "you need to dress for the job, black and white. I know it's a uniform, and probably not really what you want, but it's code." "I don't have a problem with black and white" said Dusten. "In fact I prefer it, but I don't have any money to buy any new cloths." Leave that to me" said Mick. Dusten unaware of Mick's status, blatantly says "Are you the head hancho or something haha" Mick in response, "why yes I am. I'm 3rd from Gabriel." Dusten's jaw dropped, with astonishment. Dusten, a user of vulgar profanity, not thinking; let got "holy shit!" "Not what I was expecting young man, but okay?" replied Mick. "Now let's get you suited up sir" said Mick again.

      They go inside of a clothing store just for reapers and the such. Dusten picked out a long black leather frock coat, crimson vest, and a top hat, with black leather band, and brim. He was almost set to head back to the world of the living. Dusten turns to Mick and asks " So do we still use's psyths, and the like?" Mick then hands him a skull headed cane. "We use this" said Mick. Dusten in reply "What? do we beat the hell out of them now, instead of slicing?" Mick just laughed. "No we don't; the cane turns into a soul psythe. It does not slice the flesh, it more or less grabs the soul, and takes it from the body". "Ohhh This sounds a bit interesting. Am I now set to head to back to the mortal world?" asked Dusten. Mick then said "Yes, it's time to go. You have a week to get him." "How do I get back" asked Dusten. "tap the cane twice, and think of your location and BAM! you're there." said Mick. "really?" replied Dusten. "hell no boy, go down the Bedlam Purgatory & Paradise Railroad station at the end of the street, and get on the next train to the living."

next part, soon

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