My darling charlotte, 

           This music box plays he lullaby that I used to sing to you from the time you turned ten until you were over your insomnia. Here are the lyrics that go with it. Never forget its tune for one day, when you are captaining my ship and have seen the things I have seen, you will need this lullaby again to ease your sleepless nights. I love you, 


    Hush now, my little girl

    Lay down your head

    mother will steal for you 

    rubies of red

    the color of throats

    that mother will cut

    the red on the boats

    and the clouds 

    Hush now my little boy

    do as you're told

    For mother will steal for you 

    doubloons of gold

    gold in a hidden chest

    mother will loot

    only the very best

    only the free

    with no cost

    Hush now my little one

    dreams have been called

    mother will steal for you

    dark green emerald

    necklaces, rings

    mother will take

    python eyes, roses' vines

    no phonies or fakes 

    my young dear




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