Back across the Atlantic, on a big island, in a big city, in a big house, in a big chair, an anxious little girl sat across from her well reputed parents, not daring to pick up her cup for fear they would see the tea shaking inside. 

    "Chrysanthemum, I don't very much care that you were deported from the states. It only matters that you're back, safe and sound." Her father said. 

    "Darling, we were so worried," Her mother said. "Now what is it, you wanted to tell us?" The little girl looked to a maid who was dusting off a large earn, a maid that her parents would not recognize if they saw her face. The maid gave her a wink and she looked back to her parents, the people who made her, raised her. 

    "Mother, Father," Chrysanthemum began, "I am a lesbian." 

    "Well…that's a shock." her father said,

    "So you're not having my grandchildren?" Her mother gasped. 

    "Should we still go to church?" Her father asked, 

   But then there was a question that made the maid and the lady beam with sigh of relief and satisfaction. 

    "Where on earth are we going to find a spouse who will fit these attractions? Should we move to Brighton?" 

    Ara went to the kitchen upon hearing a happy sniffle from Chrysanthemum, and changed out of the maid's uniform she had borrowed, stealing a tea cup on the way out. 


      Dear Thomas, 

             I found chrysanthemum and we ended up being deported to England where I was almost placed in jail. Thank you for all your help but I think you need to have a talk with Chrys. I think she might have a thing or two to tell you that you didn't know before. Also, send a goddamn telegraph to your mum. She asked about you.


      "So our heroine returns." Lady Dunning smirked as Ara walked in and sat down on the woman's couch. "Here's the money I promised." She said, sliding it onto the table towards her. Ara picked it up and stuffed it into her pocket. "You're not going to count?" 

      "I don't particularly care how much is there. I have to get back to my captain. Have a good day, Eudora." She replied and as soon as she made a wobbly curtsy, she left through the front door and made her way to the east docks. Inside the Dunning estate, Eudora shook her head and sipped her tea. 


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