Silver had found more and more often that her crow's nest watch was slacking. twice she had narrowly avoided Sky Whales and freighter ships. But after that encounter she would rid herself of the slacking crewman. It wasn't until the other ship crashed into her port side that she was informed of another ship. A black pirate ship.

Running out onto the top deck she spun to face the ship that was pushing hers closer to the mountains. "I have nothing but dry rations. Leave my ship be!" she hissed at the captain who was grinning at her. "'tis not why were here little lady. we've got orders ya see" he called back. he motioned and his ship crashed once more into the HMS Pocketwatch.

She lunged at the captain attempting to knock him off the the ship. the captain smirked and dodged holding up a wooden box. "do you know what this is?" he said winding it up. "it's a little paralyzer. what does it do you may ask little lassy?" he grinned,his blackened gappy teeth making Silver's stomach spin. "it stops anyone dats I want. and from what I be wantin' dats you little captain" he jeered flipping the switch when he was done winding the ships crashing together again.

searing fire ran through Silver as every muscle came to a grinding halt in her body leaving her unable to even speak. the black pirate captain hoisted her up by her collar and tossed her back onto her ship like a bag of scrap metal. her crew ran to her and head boiler worker Alex picked her up. "cap'n?" he asked gently shaking her. Silver managed to force what little air was in her lungs to leave and she managed to murmur "get the ship closer t-to the mountain. they'll shred us o-otherwise." Alex nodded and yelled the orders. as they neared the mountain the ship trembled as the hull of the other ship rammed into the port side a fourth time.

Laying there, Silver heard the ships crashing together, they were to close to safely fire the cannons. Then it came to her, the shock of it all forced her into movement. "it's a trap!" she screamed struggling into a standing position. "get away from the mountain they're trying to drive us in-" she didn't get her sentence finished when the ship hit the mountain. immediately the Pocketwatch went into free-fall sliding down the mountain panels falling from her ship. She ran to the wheel turning it so the starboard side was flush against the stone "crew, abandon ship off the port side" she called wincing as a metal panel sliced painfully into her arm after coming off the bow of the ship. The pirates had already retreated knowing there was no way to save the ship. "I may not be able to save my ship but i'll be damned if I can't save my crew" she growled holding the ship in position.

Alex ran to her "cap'n all have left in our emergency scutters, we're waiting on you!" she stood firm and shook her head. "I can't Alex, I'm sorry, I leave this wheel and the ship will hit the scutter and the last of us, myself included will go down with the ship. go" she said quickly alex started to argue and she glanced at him with deep green eyes "that was an order, Alex" she growled. As she left a smile crept to her lips. "I promised your mother Alex, I'm not backing out of that promise" she murmured just as the ship hit the ground.

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