"So what do you need?" Ara sat with her feet up on the captain's desk, once a counter of shifting papers, tonight it was clear and wooden. 

       "We're making changes to the way we run things." Charlotte's face remained down with her blue tricorn hat bowing over it. 

        "Changes?" Ara leaned forward with a grabbed attention and anxious brow. That's when Charlotte's eyes dipped up from under the blue hat to stare Ara down in the dim light. 

         "We're returning to the old ways."  She whispered and with that, Ara jumped a little in her seat as the captain bolted up and rushed towards the door. 

         "Cap'n!" Ara interjected, turning her torso and grabbing the arm of her seat to see what Charlotte was up to. She then bolted up as well, following the captain out as the young girl stood and stared around in the center of the ship while the crew began to gather around; Fink dangling off a rope and Emerald sitting down quietly on wooden crate. Ara looked to Marlow as he stepped forward in the dim lantern light with Nate, Ben, and Joseph. 

         "EVERYBODY LISTEN UP!" Charlotte yelled out. The remaining crew members that needed to turn to face her, did so in this moment. "We've been keeping things pretty for too long and I've been treating you like soldiers since the day I became captain!" She called out. "But you're not soldiers!" The crew began exchanging glances around the ship. "We're pirates. We don't call loyalty to anyone who doesn't pay up! and we shouldn't let live anyone who holds threat! We take, kill, or use for further investment. We create our chaos and enjoy our victories. From now on we show the rich no mercy. We do not create alliances we do not need. And we do not leave opportunities untouched for fear of morality and insomnia!"  

        As the stars twinkled brighter than ever before and the eyes of the crew lit up like planets that hid among the jewels of the velvet atmosphere, Arabella Porter's chest swelled with a smile that would make any law abiding citizen cringe with anxiety. As the winds of the empty sky howled through with dust and whispers, a chill rose in the air with every word that rang into the night. 

       "We will rule the skies and snap down the invisible boundaries that the empires of sea and soil have created for themselves! They are delusional in thinking that there is order to something without corners or end! We will show them that they are wrong! THERE ARE NO RULES IN THE SKY! Not where the sun sets and rises at the same time! Not where the piss of gods fall from. We are the gods that piss down on the earth."   There was a silence so dense that the chest of each crew member struggled to rise and fall with breath. 

        "So let's be rich as gods." She ended and there was more silence until Nate's foot…thumped. 


   thump……….thump, more began to join. Thump,…thump

   "WE WILL TEAR APART THE SKY" Charlotte cried out!


   thump thump thump  

   The deck began to shake as each crew member began to stomp their feet. 

    thump thump thump thump

   Howled sounded like wild creatures from the vocal chords of each member and the lanterns swayed. 

   thump thump thump thump

   thump thump thump thump

   The wind blew stronger but cold could not touch the crew of the S.S Silver Widow as the spiders drank and danced in their web. War had been declared on the wealth of the world. and tomorrow….

                          Tomorrow, the sunrise would be red. 


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